ACA rules


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DH was told when he was hired that medical would kick in after 30 days. He inquired after his 30 days and was told, well you're part-time so you don't get insurance until after 1 year. Other than his 1st partial week he has worked over 40 hrs every week so I don't know how they're calling it part time, unless someone was just confused. Anyhoo, we look online at their policies and it states that after one year they look back at time records and a person has to have averaged 32.5 hours per week to qualify for insurance at the end of the year.

I thought ACA specified 30 hours a week as full-time with no more than a 90 day waiting period. Is that correct?

Of course I know regardless of the answer, if he questions it they'll probably just bust him down to below 30 hrs :(.