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I'm confused about the whole 30 day notice thing... I'm moving next month and I don't know when I should give my landlord the notice. It's now Nov.5th and I haven't told her yet because I wasn't sure if I was going to move out yet but now I know for sure that I will be moving in December. My question is...If I give her the notice on the 6th of Nov., does that mean I have to be out by Dec. 6th? I already paid the rent on the 1st of Nov. would I have to pay rent again on the 1st of Dec.? What if I decide to leave before the 30 days would I get all my security deposit back or is it the other way around...I get charged for staying after the 30 days? Sorry for all the questions :confused:! Thanks for your advice.
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30 days notice means at least 30 days notice. You will owe rent for those 30 days. If you tell your landlord on November 6th that you are leaving January 1st, that is at least 30 days notice. Understand?
Yes, Thank you so much for not answering my question! Nov. 6th to Dec. 6th is 30 days, not Nov. 6th to Jan 1st. I don't understand what u mean! I didn't do anything wrong so I don't need a lawyer just to move out! I always pay my rent and I'm not trying to play anyone I just want to know how it goes so I can do the right thing!
I shouldn't entertain idiots. Go ask some other lawyer for your free advice.
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You don't have enough experience for me to know what I'm talking about...so go find someone else who will listen to a dumb a**!!!!
If your a lawyer then I feel sorry for your clients! Thanks for your free advice honey, very appreciated!
"honey" you don't understand what "30-day notice means" and you are downing me?
Why do you think I'm here? TO GET ANSWERS! You shouldn't be so rude, first impressions tell a lot about a person...and so far no good!
I tried to answer your question and you were the one that was rude. It's simple. You have to give AT LEAST 30 days notice to leave. You can give MORE than 30 day's notice, in other words you don't have to leave when 30 days are up. If you give your notice on November 6th, just give them a date that you are leaving that is beyond 30 days. That way they have at least 30 days notice.

You HAVE TO PAY RENT, for the days that you are still there. If you leave before the 30 days you still owe rent until the 30 days. You will still get your deposit back but you owe the rent. Does that make sense? I wasn't being a jerk, and I wasn't "not answering" your question. Just take the answer and say thank you.

This was essentially my answer to begin with. So what part of your question do you think I didn't answer?
Better said...Thanks, that's what I wanted to hear. So I pay the rent for the time that I'm still there and I'll get my security deposit, got it. So if I leave on Jan. 1st like u said then I wont have to pay rent come the 1st right? Can I ask what the heck is the purpose for a 30 day notice?
The purpose of a 30 day notice (either on a month to month lease or in the case of a longer lease that is coming to an end) is for either party (the landlord/the tenant) to notify the other that the current living arrangement will not be renewed.

This allows the landlord to begin the process of rerenting the unit or (in the case of a landlord providing the notice) the tenant to begin looking for another place to live.

Please be aware that simply providing this notice does not guarantee a tenant will get their security deposit back. A security deposit can be used to repair damages above normal wear and tear that the tenant caused to the rental unit. To ensure that the security deposit is returned, it's important to leave the place clean and damage free. Many tenants will take pictures of the unit at move out as evidence in case there's a dispute regarding the amount of their security deposit they get back.

30 days notice gives the landlord sufficient time to try to rent the place out without having it be vacant so it won't hurt his cash flow. The idea is to have as seamless a transition for both sides as is possible. Assuming you have the right to break the lease with a 30 day notice, or you are on month to month and a 30 day notice is sufficient you will not have to pay additional rent when you leave. Gail is right, of course, that getting your deposit back depends on the condition of the apartment after you leave. If you leave with holes in the walls there will be a deduction for repairs.
Thanks guys, I get it now. I have a feeling that my landlord is going to find something wrong so that she can take my sec. deposit. Why do most landlords hold grudges when u tell them your leaving? I have always paid my rent on time (kept all my receipts) and I haven't caused any damages (not even a hole in the wall) I made sure I took pictures before I moved in too so that she couldn't say I did anything. My problem was with the managers of my apartment, they live downstairs from me and are big pot heads! I've met the landlord twice out of 2yrs, she left him in charge and doesn't know half the stuff that goes on here. I tried to tell her and she refused to listen, she won't even give me her number in case of a problem!
Landlords get upset when good tenants (i.e., those that pay their rent on time and don't destroy the place) tell them they are leaving because there are so many bad applicants out there!

I know your right about that...some people just don't have any respect for other people's properties! One more question...Say my landlord tries to be nice and tells me I can leave whenever I want...If I do leave before the 30 days notice then can she take me to court and sue me for leaving early?
Regardless of when you leave you will owe rent for that 30 days. So the landlord will not be able to sue you if you pay for that rent.
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