2022 Peterbilt Commercial truck Lemon


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Good morning I purchased a brand new truck back on 9/13/2021 (2022 Peterbilt 348 $178,000)
same day it got delivered i only drove it 3 miles the engine lock and it was replaced about 8 weeks later I try to have them get me another truck with no luck they pay for the 1st month of payment and I went to pick the truck up, with the new engine i only drove the truck about 400 miles check engine light came up Wednesday 24th i drove back to the dealership that replaced the engine and is sitting over there the truck at the moment has 1,600 miles and i have made 2 payments and have lost a ton of money is there something that you can do? Truck was purchased at Worldwide Equipment Sales in Rockdale IL, I am in NJ. Here is a video

Thank you Amado Antonio
Your truck does not appear to qualify under the Illinois lemon law, however you may have other avenues for recourse. You are going to want to talk to an attorney.