wire fraud

  1. LudoMcPoodough

    Chase Bank Stole $85,000

    Okay, well maybe not definitively, but they may have. On April 27th we went to this Chase branch to wire funds to purchase our new home. Neither my wife nor I have any banking experience and so we rely upon the bankers to know what they are doing. The wire was for $85,000. The wire was a...
  2. N

    Technology used for Privacy Invasion and IIED

    I’m seeking to hire an attorney that is licensed in both Missouri and Arkansas for multiple issues regarding over 2 years of illegally and secretively invasion of privacy with phone(at a minimum since Sept 2017 possibly before to current) surveillance and even computer, non financial fraud...
  3. Fraud and Misrepresentation: Civil & Criminal Offenses

    Fraud, ID & Money Fraud and Misrepresentation: Civil & Criminal Offenses

    Fraud involves dishonest and deceptive conduct by a person or a party for the purpose of obtaining an unfair and unlawful gain. The act can constitute both a crime and a civil wrong. Detecting fraud can be difficult and sometimes it is never discovered. While knowing the law and your remedies is...