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    Virtual items stolen ,customer support refuses to help

    I have all the proof showing that my account was broken into , but they still refuse to give me my items back after opening multiple support tickets. I only get the same copy and paste messages from their support team members.(terrible support) There is a restoration system in place as well , my...
  2. J

    Can a Leon holder report the car stolen

    Can the Leon holder report the car stolen? The car broke down on the interstate and was left on the side of the road and now cannot be found. Can they report it stolen and have me arrested?
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    Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft Friend left behind property that was reported stolen

    If someone left behind stolen property in another person's vehicle and that person refuses to return it to the owner, after the property owner and the person who left it asks for it back, and they refuse for a certain length of time can be charged as well?
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    Baby Mama holds car hostage with TPO

    Ok... So I'll try to ask this question as simply as possible after a little back story. My child's mother (baby mama) has been doing her best to get me in trouble and make me look bad for a child custody battle. I was arrested in September of 2021 for domestic violence and took a plea deal. In...