small claims court judgments

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    Small calim - who is the defendant ?

    Hello, I would like to fill a small claim court in Los Angeles. But I don't know who is the defendant. I signed a new lease agreement with BMW dealership. The dealership was supposed to be responsible for the remaining balance of my previous car with BMW Financial Services. I received letters...
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    Considering filing a small claim against FedEx (advice please)

    Hello. Not sure if This would go under small claims or the civil section, this seems like a broader section. I was needing to safely send a law firm a cashiers check for $2000 to close out a specific matter there was an end of month due date. I went to FedEx with the cashiers check in hand and...
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    How to get my right at a small claims court as a foreigner

    Hello, i am here because i need an advice concerning getting my right at a Californian small claims court as a foreigner from Europe. In 2017 i took part in a crowdfunding campaign for a product costing my 599 $ US. The product was supposed to be delivered in the beginning of 2019. I usually...
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    A battle for my dog

    Okay so my boyfriend and I were together for 3 years. He recently just ended things out of nowhere and now I am fighting to get the dog we got together. Legally he is listed as the owner of her. However, he is only listed as the owner because his grandmother put down his name on the ownership...
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    I loaned a friend/co-worker 2K with the promise of payment. No payment

    I stupidly loaned a friend/co-worker 2k in November 2019 with the promise of payment upon our employee profit sharing in December 2019. No payment. We work together and she is now ignoring my phone calls and emails (including work related emails) We have worked together for 8 years, she is a...
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    Co. will file bankruptcy - should I still sue them?

    I plan to sue a Massachusetts company (an LLC) in small claims court and have already served them the papers. I just learned that it ceased operations and will file for bankruptcy. Should I still sue the company, or is it not worth the time and money? The amount I'm suing for is a bit under...
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    How to retrieve property withheld by former employee?

    We are a very small company that had an assistant who worked from her home. She was using a company computer (Mac Mini) that we loaned her. We found out she was lying about her work hours and some other things so we let her go. She's not returning any phone calls, emails, or texts. We're...
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    Sales Agreement Violation

    I had a motorcycle that I gave to my (now ex) boyfriend in December 2018, putting him on the pink slip, on the promise that he makes payments of $200 to me every month for it. After 3 months, he stopped making payments and we agreed that once he sells the motorcycle, he will give me money for...
  9. Judgment Collection in Small Claims & Civil Courts

    Collection & Enforcement Judgment Collection in Small Claims & Civil Courts

    People frequently believe that winning a small claims court judgment means that they will automatically collect their money from the person that lost the case. Unfortunately, the court may rule in your favor but the collection of small claims judgments is an entirely different matter called...