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    Landlord didn't use legal name on lease

    I've moved out of a unit in a single residential home; it was a guest suite. The manager didn't use her legal name; she used an alternate spelling. She gave me a 60-day notice to vacate. Then I learned it was an unpermitted unit. She became quite aggressive and I decided to move out for my own...
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    Received out-of-state custody order registration although ex-husband and I do not share children? Help me understand?

    International divorce: My ex-husband and I are not sharing any children together. I have two minor children from a prior marriage who are living with me, teenagers now and graduating high school soon. We live overseas and their biological father shares physical and legal custody with me...
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    Giving 30 day notice instead of 60

    My boyfriend lives in a big fancy apartment building owned and managed by a large corporation. His lease was to be up on July 22nd and they sent him an email 3 months prior telling him that if he wished to renew, his rent would be going from $3,800 to $4,800 (note the typical CA rental controls...