1. M

    Notary public at used car dealership

    Is it unethical for the owner of a used car dealership, who holds a notary commission, to notarize the vehicles he purchases or sells?
  2. thesedaiv

    Copyright If Terms or Public Domain or CR/TM

    I'm writing a comic. I was wondering, if there's a website or where I'd go to find out if certain names are copyrighted like Urza, Moonfolk, etc. I'd like to be able to use these names, however, I have different ideas for the characters I'm based on. I'm not trying to step on "Plagiarism" toes here.
  3. J

    Jersey barriers on private property with public road frontage

    I have about 300 feet of public road frontage on my farm. The frontage begins just after a sharp curve in the public road. At least twice a year, drivers come too fast through the curve and crash through my agricultural fencing. So far, no people or livestock have been killed, but at least one...
  4. Y

    Can an airgun be open carried in public?

    Can you open carry a fully automatic BB air gun in Ohio? The wording of the law says it may not be "displayed" in public, does carrying it on your back or carrying an airgun in a holster count as displaying it in public?