1. J

    Cost Basis on Inherited Home

    My mother passed away in her home in Louisiana in 2015. According to the will my sister and I are to split the inheritance. However, my sister was granted the right to stay in our mothers house after she passed under a usufruct clause in the will. She has been living in the house for the past...
  2. R

    Drug Crimes, Substance Abuse legal question

    can you be charged with a crime if you drive with an expired prescription in the vehicle? I have a presciption for a controled substance and sometimes bring that prescription with a few of its pills to a family member. The only issue i see is the prescription is expired.
  3. Joseph v

    Adverse Possession through cutting the grass?

    I recently acquired a vacant lot through the adjudication process. The next door neighbor approached me today while I was measuring it and stated that if I sold it he was entitled to "a cut" because he had been mowing the lot for 12 years. He didn't plant a garden, put up a fence, built a shed...