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    ALS Misdiagnosis and Doctor Abandonment

    I have ALS and was misdiagnosed and abandoned I need help please. They noticed muscle weakness in 2022 and suspected ALS in 2016. In something else, there's been slander and libel while working with someone else they placed recording equipment in the bathroom. That, I don't think anything can be...
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    Should I pursue a slander/defamatory case?

    I will make this short but there's so many details to the story. My husband and I were living in a guest home on elderly couples' property. Everything was fine for 7 months. We had a great relationship with them. Then their health started getting poor and they moved into a nursing home...
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    Validating Libel Claim On Seller Feedback

    So I am a 3P seller on Amazon and received a patently false review from a customer, that is clearly only motivated to get the items free. He stated that he only received 50% of an order, when in actuality, he received nearly 20% more than the listing stated. It was a candy product and I...
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    Libel by email

    This is a serious question. If someone sends to someone else a photograph of them giving the middle finger in an email, can they be sued and for how much?
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    Should I get ex parte for someone who is falsely accusing me

    A random person with whom I have very little contact suddenly started falsely accusing me for his failed marriage and is harassing me and my family. I went to file a complaint against him at the precinct but they instructed me to get ex parte against him but I fear I might get trapped in this...
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    Vigilante Instagram

    Recently, members (or alumni) of my state university in New York have created an instagram account called @shareyourstoryschool (i will not include the school, so the word school is a placeholder for the name of the school) This account’s purpose is to serve as a platform for people to share...
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    Hello, I have been getting cyberstalked for the past four years, now almost five. It started out as what I thought was trolling on a social media site. But it didn't stop, instead it continued and got worse over time. At first the person was spewing how I talked behind a person's back then it...
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    Defamation and libel

    Hi, I currently have 2 online posts written about me which are falsified and degrading to my character. Someone who has been following my life decided to post on busted and another similar website. I am unable to remove this content without a lawyer and don’t have the funds for...
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    Being Sure for Libel

    I am being sued by the former treasurer of our POA. He is also suing 5 others. We are all named as defendants. Back story is we have proof of wrong doings he perpetrated. I am not worried about that aspect. He says we harmed him and defamed him, and his reputation has suffered. That's neither...
  10. Defenses to Defamation: Libel and Slander

    Libel & Slander Defenses to Defamation: Libel and Slander

    Defamation is the intentional act of telling a lie about someone else that causes harm or injury to their reputation. While the terms "libel" and "slander" are often used, we'll cover the difference been the two types of defamatory statements and how they differ from false light claims. Common...
  11. Defamation: Understanding Libel and Slander

    Libel & Slander Defamation: Understanding Libel and Slander

    When false or injurious words are printed or spoken that may damage your reputation, you may have a remedy against the person writing or speaking those words. The term "defamation" is used to describe the results of what happens when someone commits is injured due to a written or spoken lie...