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    Can a company release your private data if you are no longer an active user with them?

    I emailed their team and they were quite vague on this. I deleted my account with a company since I no longer needed their services and this occurred a month and a half ago in mid January. Could they still be able to release my private data to any third party (ie, email address, IP address...
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    ISP usage of my content

    Hi, I recently wanted to upgrade my internet connection by switching to Virgin, but upon an examination of their terms and conditions I came upon this clause that did not exist in my current ISP and raised a massive red flag for me. 31. Can Virgin Mobile use my content? To provide Internet...
  3. Secure Your Firm's Website, Server, Wordpress

    Columns Secure Your Firm's Website, Server, Wordpress

    Many sole practitioners and boutique firms internally manage their law firm's or company's website. This week a Russian hacking group reported stealing over 1.2 billion email accounts and passwords and a dangerous Wordpress XMLRPC vulnerability was also announced. Perhaps not coincidentally, the...