insurance claims

  1. C

    Contractor says they are going to sue

    Hello all, I apologize if this is chopped and screwed. I will explain to the best of my knowledge. So I needed to get my roof on my home repaired due to my home insurance. I called Company A, to look and see how much it will be to get the roof redone. He decided to see if I can get a wind...
  2. Agalito

    Car taken from Repair Shop to Auto Insurance Auction

    Hi everyone, I was recently in a car accident where my car was rear ended. The at-fault insurance party which is progressive had me take it to Service King Repair Shop to get an estimate and get it repaired. Hours later, they gave me a call asking for a verbal agreement to allow them to tow my...
  3. B

    My girlfriend went to rehab and has been shut off from communication.

    Hi, my girlfriend was sent off to rehab here in Arizona over three weeks ago by her family. They took her phone before she left and they are telling me that they nor the rehab will give her my contact info to let her contact me. I am not upset about this for the reason that I want to keep in...
  4. Renters & Homeowners Insurance Policies: Coverage & Claims

    Insurance Renters & Homeowners Insurance Policies: Coverage & Claims

    It is always prudent to have insurance for your home, even if you rent. Most property owners are required by their mortgage lender to have home insurance and they must have a homeowner's insurance policy. This also applies to condo or townhouse owners who have insurance through their Homeowner's...