1. M

    Personal injury hit by live wire and a well known convenience store

    Long story short, I was hit by live wired in a big well known Convenience store Here's my thing I did hire. Mike, cause you're my current attorney that dealt with my car accident. Well, now this is 2 and a 1/2 years later and that attorney. I don't know what's going on in the office. But they...
  2. L

    Oregon - Permanent Vision Loss Due To Medical Procedure

    This is a desperate shout for help. This is a long story. I want to try to compress it for easier reading. I'm sorry it's still quite long. I put this off many months due to the trauma of the whole situation. Main Points Never given informed consent. I was told over and over by all staff that...
  3. Redemptionman

    UIM carrier in personal injury case

    This is a first party UIM carrier insurance where clear liability exists and the third party liability carrier has tendered policy limits. Is there any approach to a first party carrier who is refusing to make offers and is basically saying go get a verdict and we will pay for anything over the...
  4. N

    Negligence, Other Injury personal injury

    if two family members (son & a nephew) get into a fight. the nephew starts the fight, and the parents jump in. the mother twist her wrist and the father fell on glass and had to have his hand operated on. I must add all three had been drinking all day. Who is responsible for the parents' medical...
  5. J

    Jersey barriers on private property with public road frontage

    I have about 300 feet of public road frontage on my farm. The frontage begins just after a sharp curve in the public road. At least twice a year, drivers come too fast through the curve and crash through my agricultural fencing. So far, no people or livestock have been killed, but at least one...