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    Can I do a medical exam in California for an accident happened in New Jersey

    I was hit by an electric bike in 2021 in New Jersey. Now I am living in California. I am suing the bike rider who hit me and caused my ankle fracture. I had several surgeries to treat my ankle and still have a lot of hardware in my ankle. Now, the defense (the attorney for the bike rider) side...
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    Youth Football Injury From Ineligible Player

    I’m wondering if I would have a case to recoup cost of medical bills, time away from work, and pain+suffering due to a concussion sustained by my son at a youth football game (11u). The opposing team was found out to have multiple players with altered birth certificates (players that were older...
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    dropshipping injuries

    hey I live in Israel and I want to start a dropshipping store when I dropship I cant look and see the product myself, so if a product breaks and hurts someone or someone's property will I be the one to blame? (even tho I am not the one who made the product) now if I put a terms of service (that...
  4. Why Your Injury Lawsuit May Take a Long Time

    Law & Procedure Why Your Injury Lawsuit May Take a Long Time

    Cases that involve accidents and personal injuries can vary greatly. Some personal injury lawsuits can be settled quickly while others might take a long time - perhaps even years until there is some type of resolution. But before you worry about your case taking longer than expected, let's talk...