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    Drug Crimes, Substance Abuse Statute of Limitations on Secret Indictment/Charge?

    My question is specific to Ohio. I'm curious if there is a statute of limitations on a felony trafficking/possession type drug charge if a secret indictment has been made by a Grand Jury but no official charge made by the Prosecutors office? Can the Prosecutors hold onto an indictment...
  2. Criminal Procedure: From Arrest to Sentencing

    Criminal Procedure Criminal Procedure: From Arrest to Sentencing

    The process of criminal procedure is similar in all states even though criminal law and penal codes may vary. This is because the purpose of criminal procedure is the same - to determine whether sufficient evidence exists to find you, a person who has been arrested, guilty of a crime. The law...
  3. How Arrest Warrants Are Obtained and Executed

    Police Activity How Arrest Warrants Are Obtained and Executed

    An arrest warrant is a legal document issued by a criminal court which enables police officers to arrest and hold a criminal suspect. This article will explain how a case begins with a criminal complaint, is followed by the issuance and execution of an arrest warrant and also covers matters...