gun control

  1. Slimjim

    Firearm held as evidence refused to return unless I meet unreasonable demands

    Hello I’m new to this forum I apologize if this post is in the wrong place and i thank everyone for their time. I’m the owner of a firearm that was used in a crime. I was asleep on my couch with my gun on my coffee table at arms reach had a friend staying over early in the morning before work...
  2. Micky Tarsen

    Group walking the streets of Texas with shotguns

    Open carry as an individual is legal in Tx on public streets. As a band of say 6-8 people, clearly walking together, is this illegal? Is this considered a unrecognized militia and/or armed gang by state law?
  3. Does Obama’s Gun Control Plan Lack Ammunition?

    News Does Obama’s Gun Control Plan Lack Ammunition?

    President Obama was emotional in sharing his “Commonsense Steps to Keep Guns Out of the Wrong Hands” plan. The State of the Union blog conspicuously proclaimed that the key to curb gun violence is through background checks for firearms sales. But do these words carry any firepower or is the...