defamation defense

  1. S

    Secludion to PTSD, to attempted coverup

    On April 12, 2018, I was approached by the Family Service Worker. My class was on the playground and she came out very upset. She told me she could hear her son, screaming and pounding on the concrete block walls The incident was reported that day, and the employees wrote statements about what...
  2. M

    Business owner threatening to sue for 1 star review

    I posted a 1* review on Google for a business. It only says "Bad bbq". I never actually went there though. The business owner then responded to every negative review on his page stating my full name, hometown, and phone number. Is there anything to this? I realize you can be sued for...
  3. M

    How to terminate a Relationship without giving immunity "exonerate" Receiver/Bond. I want to get

    The Receiver was appointed in breach of contract. He is a type of God, Judge, Jury, executioner. He has threatened me every time I object. I have made motions & proposed orders to disburse funds from the court registry which have been "denied". I want to terminate him but he wants his bond...
  4. L

    Vigilante Instagram

    Recently, members (or alumni) of my state university in New York have created an instagram account called @shareyourstoryschool (i will not include the school, so the word school is a placeholder for the name of the school) This account’s purpose is to serve as a platform for people to share...
  5. Zachary Mckay

    Domestic ..ex’s friend non-stop

    Hi. My name is Zach. It’s 2019, I dated my ex in 2017. I’m a 28 y.o. male this August. My ex stephanie is 25. We split in Feb 2017. I loved this girl more than life itself, she was my world and I went the distance to prove it (yet I was not perfect) and I failed her and she left me. It HURT but...
  6. Defenses to Defamation: Libel and Slander

    Libel & Slander Defenses to Defamation: Libel and Slander

    Defamation is the intentional act of telling a lie about someone else that causes harm or injury to their reputation. While the terms "libel" and "slander" are often used, we'll cover the difference been the two types of defamatory statements and how they differ from false light claims. Common...