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    Denied medical treatment and forced to solitary

    Hello. I have suffered a very traumatic event during the covid-19 epidemic during my incarceration. I was wondering what the professionals would suggest a do. Here is my story, I will keep it brief. I was incarcerated during the covid-19 pandemic, during this time I tested positive and was...
  2. Richie Snare

    How are they not illegal?

    This has multiple parts, I think. First: Almost every single article I read claims businesses can mandate vaccines. However: “Federal law 21 U.S.C. § 360bbb-3(e)(1)(A)(ii)(III) requires that the person to whom an EUA vaccine is administered be advised, ‘of the option to accept or refuse...
  3. J

    Wrongful death medical malpractice

    My mom was admitted into an emergency room in Florida. I had found her laying next to her bed. She was having trouble breathing and had slurred speech, where you really couldn't understand her. Her blood pressure was extremely high. They diagnosed her with COPD and atriala fibrillation. They...
  4. Religious Discrimination at Work - Your Legal Rights

    Discrimination Religious Discrimination at Work - Your Legal Rights

    Employers are prohibited from discriminating against any person based upon religious grounds and must make reasonable efforts to accommodate an employee’s practice of their religion. Workplace Discrimination Based upon Religion is Prohibited Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act under federal...
  5. Equal Pay Act: The Same Work Deserves the Same Pay

    Rights, Policies Equal Pay Act: The Same Work Deserves the Same Pay

    It would seem common sense that people who perform the same work and at the same level of quality should be paid the same, but this isn't always the case. The U.S. government created laws to ensure fairness in the workplace and promote equal pay laws. Men and women doing the same job should...
  6. Employment Discrimination Types and Civil Rights Law

    Discrimination Employment Discrimination Types and Civil Rights Law

    If you feel that you have been unfairly discriminated against by an employer, you may have the right to sue them for discrimination. This article will help you understand what the laws are that may protect you, the facts and proof you will need to make your case, the questions you need to ask...