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    Whose Insurance should be used

    My first question is: whose insurance should be used for the accident of a borrowed car? I've searched online, if A borrows B's car under B's permission, then the car's owner, which is B, should use his own insurance to pay the car's damage if A runs into an accident(and A is the one hits...
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    2 Charges: Drove a vehicle without interlock device & Driving under revocation

    First of all I am an idiot, and I understand that. But I am seeking advice or what to expect in my upcoming court dates. I was charged with a DUI (first offense) on 3/31/2016. Due to a very high BAC of .298, I was charged as a habitual drunk driver. With help from an attorney, I was sentenced 10...
  3. Teenage Drivers and Parental Responsibility

    Auto Insurance Teenage Drivers and Parental Responsibility

    The law for teenage drivers varies from state to state. There are special laws and insurance requirements for young drivers, who are new and inexperienced to the road and operating a motor vehicle. Teenagers are High Risk Drivers Teenage drivers are considered to be in the “high risk” drivers...