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  • Hey man try to hang in there and keep it off of your mind. I know thats easy for me to say but just last year I was somewhat in your boat, I thought there was noway I could win my case...they had me dead to rights, but somehow my lawyer got me found innocent of my felony and convicted of a simple misd. I stole about 6,000 from the power company and they wanted my head. i know its not 80,000 but have faith in our judicial system and remember you are innocent until proven guilty, remember OJ hell he got off so can you. whatever you do dont say nothing i mean nothing at all until you and your lawyer discuss the path you want to go, he may be able to work out a plea deal or something. Good luck and keep me/us posted I am pulling for you. Sometimes GOOD people do stupid things and the scare of this will make you never do anything like it again......Just wish the judges really knew that.
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