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    need help on house fast

    they generally can not do this unless you were behind on you insurance or taxes. the lender has a right to protect its interest
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    I need an easement, where do I begin?

    generally, you should be entitled to some ingress and egress easement. the easement should be the least intrusive as possible. In otherwords, you may be able to pick the most convenient. the public policy here is that society should not have wasted land due to land locks
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    Land Contract Foreclosure

    most likely you will have more than 30 days depending on your state law, you should have a lot more time than you think. chances are that they will have to file a law suit and you may even have a chance to petition the judge for more time.
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    jiffy lube complaint

    Need copy of vehicle damage complaint due to service negligence. jiffy lube failed to replace oil plug.