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    Mom Looking for custody advice. Moving Out of State

    Hi mightymoose! Regarding to your answer, is it true that mom still can win custody when she can prove that she is able to take care of her child? What do you mean about Dad should pursue an order?
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    Landscaping Nighmare

    Did you have a contract with the landscaper about when the job should be finished? How much you should pay for him after each period or the work?
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    Invasion of privacy.

    If the cop puts this case on the court, is he eligible to use mot13jey's phone as evidence?
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    Bose copy headphones case

    I think you don't need to worry too much about her because you did not sell any. Moreover, she doesn't seem like a person from Bose base on the information about her is that she is not professional.
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    Father supports child to go to college.

    So it is too late for her now? By the way, she has not ever tested DNA because they are both sure that the daughter was with him.
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    Parking ticket price

    oh wow!!! It is hard to believe. Thanks Army Judge for your reply.
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    Father supports child to go to college.

    My friend had her daughter with a man without getting married, nor living together. After giving birth, she has been taken care of her daughter by herself without asking or getting a dime from him. She married with another person when her daughter was five years old. Now she is 18s and going to...
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    Parking ticket price

    My friend got an information from the person she gave a ride that her car got a parking ticket with $106. The reason was that she parked longer than the time limit at the parking spot on the street. She is panic because it is too much. Is it possible to have a parking ticket with $106?
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    I am sorry to hear your problem. I think even he has the right to meet your daughter, but your daughter is the person who can make the decision to meet him or not. Can you and your daughter go to the court to report this problem, can't you?
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    Repairs, Maintenance Bed bugs after a week and a half

    Isn't it true that landlords are responsible to help their tenants get rid of bed bugs?
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    Rent, Utilities Landlord does not provide heat.

    Thanks so much for your information army judge, I will use your information in the future when I look for a new room. However, I have to fix the heating problem for now before I get a new place. Thanks Gail for your information about the "heating law" in Massachuetts. I will discuss with her...
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    Must everyone have a health insurance package?

    Oh, I get it. Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciated.
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    Must everyone have a health insurance package?

    Thanks so much for a really useful reply cbg. I would like to have some more questions: I applied for Masshealth, but they rejected Masshealth. In stead, they offer me Heath Safety Net program. Can I use Health Safety Net program from Commonwealth of Massachusetts to replace for Health...
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    Joke related to discrimination at work, is it legal?

    I work part time as an intern for a nonprofit organization. There are some other part time interns at the office. We work different schedules so we do not really know each other. Two weeks ago, we had a chance to work together for some hours. After work, we went to a bar to have some drinks and...