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    Change of beneficiary not processed/ attorney fees

    Was this a typo in your post? If not, who received the letter stating why the change of beneficiary wasn't processed and why won't they share that information with you?
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    Homicide, Murder, Manslaughter In need of help, advice, guidance, support, representation

    I'm sure this has been distressing for all involved, but they were NOT forced to take a plea, they chose to take a plea. And in doing so, they freely admitted to a crime. I'm afraid that there is no option for appeal.
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    Another Naked Person In Florida Goes Nuts

    She looks quite pleased with herself, like she just found $20 in her pocket that she forgot about.
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    Civil / Real Property suit Defendants

    Oh, Lisa. Stop with the pearl-clutching dramatics. You're acting as if you're the last good person on the face of the earth. Just stop it. And if you want to have ANY shot at a favorable outcome you need to stop this "woe is me" stuff. It's no wonder your neighbor didn't address you directly if...
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    Civil / Real Property suit Defendants

    No one is stopping you from lending your "non biased ear" -- you can just as easily do that at someone else's place. Or a coffee shop. And the fact that you say you have to stop because of this lawsuit is so over-the-top dramatic that I'm beginning to think your neighbor isn't exaggerating. If...
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    Motorcycle police chase causing death

    Just because you're not getting the response you want doesn't mean the other posters are being mean, hateful, or lacking compassion. Your friend made a series of bad choices. Tell me -- if he had killed someone with his stupidity, would you be blasting him for being mean, hateful, and lacking...
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    Mans Best Friend

    As a dog lover, I understand your concern. And while I'd love for you to run away from the job WITH the dog, I know that's not practical, and probably illegal. If you'd like to keep both the dog safe AND your job, have you thought of building the dog an insulated dog house for the parking lot?
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    EEOC, Appeal and Corruption

    Heavy sigh. Once again, you're missing the point. It appears that what you want us to say is that you were the victim of a corrupt judge and you should have won. If that's your goal, then I suggest you go back to those sites you referenced and find your echo chamber there.
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    EEOC, Appeal and Corruption

    You do realize, don't you, that Post #8 is just one anonymous stranger's opinion? He could have just as easily said the EEOC judges are all aliens from the planet Stinkon. Would you have taken that as gospel, too?
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    My aunt is exploiting my grandmother

    Fair enough, but it doesn't appear that aunt is doing this to extort money. Or, more accurately, OP didn't say that aunt was asking for anything. Who knows? Maybe OP has stolen from g-ma and auntie is letting her know there may be consequences.
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    My aunt is exploiting my grandmother

    There is no way to keep someone from accusing you of theft. If (and that's a big if) you are contacted by police, don't speak to them without an attorney present. And, no. It's not illegal for your aunt to say she's going to call the police.
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    Bait or ?

    Based on the fact that you're even asking this question, I can only assume that you are a teenager, too. Because no sane, mentally competent adult would even entertain this idea for a second, regardless of how "cute" she is. And since you MUST be a teen (or even younger), how do you think you're...
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    Forced to engage in small-talk

    Employing the "silent treatment" with your coworkers most likely IS seen as hostile. Because frankly, it is. From your description is doesn't sound like your HR expects you to actually engage in conversation; they just expect you to treat your coworkers with a modicum of respect by acknowledging...
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    Forced to engage in small-talk

    Of course you can't be "forced" to engage in small talk. However, your employer can fire you for being unpleasant. And refusing to acknowledge a coworker most certainly would fall under the "unpleasant" category.
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    jerry springer type drama

    It would have mattered at the time it occurred. However, you can't go back 20 years and expect that anyone can help you with that BUT you. If you are being abused, then take your children and leave. Go to a shelter if you don't have friends or family to stay with. But for your children's sake...