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    1. dirty6613
      Hey did you have any recommendation of my previous post?
    2. philslove
      please feel free to contact me by email brittanyqtgirl44@yahoo.com
    3. philslove
      hi the state started a child support order against my sons father cause he is on state insurance we are taking him off state insurance and was wondering how do we get the order stopped we go to court dec 30
    4. dirty6613
    5. thp1985
      and would you entertain explaining the legal definition of a easement document
    6. thp1985
      Do you know about easement law?
    7. cs02721
      suspection of being drunk
    8. cs02721
      I was arrested for mip. I wasnt breathlyzed nor did i admit to drinking. But was taken to jail for being suspension of being drunk. I was wondering if i said I took red dawn ( a legal herbalizer) would this help my case. Hopefully geting it droped , can you please tell me your opinion
    9. farminsarin
      If I took photos of someone getting married at a public location, then used the photo as part of my wedding website showing my artistic photography skills (at the top of the page it says “examples of my art”), would I be at any high risk of being sued without bothering them for a signed waiver? Why can the news media do it legally? I know that CNN, NBC and the rest are all in it to make money. They are not giving the people news for free. They say you can show your artistic ability but how can an artist do it without promoting himself at the same time? I am advertising my business but also showing my artistic capability and enjoying my right to work. Even the newspapers have to make a profit. I did not want to bother the couple and ask for a signed waiver. Or ask the building owners of the buildings in the background. Just using the photos to promote my services as a photographer and since the couple was there at a public park, could I have taken the photos?

      Here is what I heard - Nobody's going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers to collect a few hundred in damages. If you use the image and they raise a stink and you don't stop using the image, they will have their lawyer send you a letter to cease and desist. That's required. If you don't desist, then they can try to sue. I guess if the person ever noticed themselves, all they could do is ask me to take it off and if I did take if off the website, nothing much more to be afraid of then, right?
      Also, The wedding dresses, tuxedos, rings, chairs, tables, tents... are all someone's intellectual property. Are wedding dress designers suing photographers who use images of their dresses on their website? How about the chair or table company? For that matter, architecture is intellectual property. If a photographer takes a photo of a couple and there is a building in the background, the owner of the building could also sue the photographer then right? The copyright office states : Copyright protection subsists from the time the work is created in fixed form. The copyright in the work of authorship immediately becomes the property of the author who created the work. Only the author or those deriving their rights through the author can rightfully claim copyright. So therefore "unless there is an agreement to the contrary, every photographer has copyright and control of the image they take, even if someone already paid them." Right? I heard that in ADVERTISING - When people are recognizable in public domain photos, the photos cannot
      legally be used for commercial purposes. But I also heard that In the U.S., street photographs, taken of people and things visible on the street, in circumstances where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy, can be published, displayed, and sold as "art" (as distinct from their use for advertising, promotion, or "commerce") without obtaining permission of the people photographed. In fact, a New York State Supreme Court judge recently made judgement on a case and said that the photographer's right to artistic expression trumped the subject's privacy rights. New York state right-to-privacy laws prohibit the unauthorized use of a person's likeness for commercial purposes, that is, for advertising or purposes of trade. But they do not apply if the likeness is considered art. I would be just using the photos of a bride and groom or people playing volleyball to show my artistic services as a photographer. What do you think?
      "If the law were to forbid artists to exhibit their photographs made in public places without the consent of all who might appear in those photographs, "then artistic expression in the field of photography would not be protected under the freedom of speech and freedom to perform art would suffer drastically" right? Most courts have consistently found "art" to be constitutionally protected free speech. If I show off my artistic ability is it alright? A profit motive in itself does not necessarily compel a conclusion that art has been used just for trade purposes. Can a photographer therefore be allowed to show one person's existance to another? It doesn't matter if it's a photo of a war, or whatever......it's a function (and personal freedom) of photograhers everywhere to show the world, the existance of the rest of the world, even on their website right?.
      Can it also be considered news worthy that people get married here at this place for example? I am showing off my art and telling the news of what is happening at this location (freedom of the press). The public areas of the United States.....anyhow.....are for everyone's use..........including photographers. Taking a picture of another person in a public does absolutely nothing to impede that other person of their rights. Stopping the photographer from taking those pictures, impedes their rights of expression....and again, using those pictures in an artistic pursuit, including selling photographs of art work from them, and putting them in a book form is an extension of that pursuit of happiness. Once the photographer takes the picture, it is their picture............not the subjects. People are photographed everyday on buses, at ATM's, at intersections walking into convenience stores, etc...
      In the book: Legal Handbook for Photographers: The Rights and Liabilities of Making Images" by Bert Krages. The short answer is you can take anyone's photo in a public place where they are also in public view, and you can publish their photo in a book of street photography without their permission (or post it on your web site). How about all the artistic “street photographers out there”? I thought that I could take photos and show off my art work on the web. This is called the "pursuit of happiness"..doing something you enjoy doing, that doesn’t harm anybody else..and there is a rather famous document that says you have the right to pursue that in the USA. "As soon as the shutter clicks...." copyright belongs to the photographer. These photos would be exhibited on my website for my photo business as examples of my 'art'. Just think at any wedding, you would have to get a “model or other release” from the bride and groom, plus each family member or guardian, table makers, chair makers, flower arrangement company, wedding dress maker, church owner, silverware company, any owners of buildings in the background, etc... I could argue that a wedding or volleyball game is publishable in a newspaper as an event that took place. To quote Benjamin Franklin, "Those who would exchange freedom for security deserve neither'.
      So here it is again: If I were to take of photo of people getting married at a public location, then used the photo as part of my wedding website showing my artistic photography skills, would I be at any high risk? How about is the headline reads “Examples of my art”?

      Thanks Jenny email farminsarin8@hotmail.com
    10. mattaryn
      I have read your replies to a number of issues and was wondering if you could take a look at mine. I would be most interested in hearing what you have to say on this topic concerning such a big powerhouse company as Sallie Mae. Listed on 11-19-08 under mattaryn in Consumer, Credit, Collections, Leins Section. Thanks so much!
    11. frenchie79
      I'm not trying to be pushy but I'm lost and need help fast. court sent me a letter 7 days the date i have to be in court. it took two days in the mail then it was the weekend sop by days are numbered before i have to be at court got 2 days to figure out what to do.

      please read my post in general law questions on re-sentence
      i have posted a description on what happened and whats going on. Thank you for any help you might be able to give me
    12. mystikal
      Dear sir/madam, I am employed by a department store that offers credit card to the customers. They just implemented a new policy, if you do not open one with the week, then you are required to attend credit card opening classes that sunday. you have to go whether you are scheduled to work or not. They do pay you for attending, but if you do not attend, you will end up on the let go list. i need to know if this is legal
    13. kitascredit
      Thanks for your help with this...My husband to be and I were at a party where I was designated driver and he and the new couple we just met played some darts at a bar and then they took us to their friends house. Where that friend proceeded to get everyone lit and had loud music on parting in garage turned game room. Everyone was up and dancing and all of the sudden my future husband came crashing down on this guys table. The coffee table did break and he said to the guy (whos house we were at that he would fix it -well he had been drinking and is no carpender) so the guy demanded $100.00 right then and there - well we are broke and there was no way I was letting my man pay $100.00 for a yardsale appearing coffee table. It was very dated (not a good kind of antique dated - but a bad kind of old used and passed down dated). There were buckles everywhere on this table. The next day the guy left me a voicemail stating that he wanted now $200.00 to buy a new table. Of course my answer is still no. Meanwhile I drove to three thrift store in the area. I got almost the exact table as they were looking for...it was light oak, it just did not have the bottom that their table had (sorta a bottom shelf)...but it was in way better shape on top than the table that was previously broken. I also brought a nice coffee table that did not match, but it was way nicer with two nice glass peices (nothing broken chipped anything) and it was a darker wood. So we drove 40 miles + round trip and brought the tables, well they took the lighter colored table and said they would use it until we paid for their new table on Sunday (this was the Tuesday before). We I posted two ads on craigslist looking for anyone that had this exact table and no -one responded to my ads even with a picture posted on it so my future husband called the guy today to say we looked for the exact table to get you, and we could not find it I am willing to mail you a $50 check today, now the guy says he is going to sue us for the table and court cost etc. Now we are not suing types of people...but isn't is so that my husband to be could complain of neck, back and sholder pains and sue this guy for falling on his property? Not that we would - but we just want to tell this guy he has a loosing case. Please let me know your thoughts. Appreacate your time. Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you.
    14. loveladyrick
      Could you view my post concerning quashing a grossly invalid search warrant under searches and seizures? I have a huge number of details I can email explaining the whole situation if you can assist. Thanks. loveladyrick@yahoo.com
    15. kolbers11
      my mother has agreed to give me the child support from my father which is $617 a month until 6/09 i do not know how to write up the agreement and have it noterized

      my mother has agreed for me to pay the car payments for a car $250 a month until payed off then the tile is to be signed over to me imeditly. she agreed to pay the car insurance and i am to pay payment and upkeep car. if there is a car accident i am to pay for repairs and ticket. If a traffic is inquired i am responsible to pay for . She can not remove car from my possesion for any cercomstances.

      help please dont know how to write
    16. augustbaby1968
      Do you have a usable format of a Motion to Quash on the site somewhere? Please reply, Thank you.
    17. StanislavO
      I had a large question and hope someone can answer it. Please help me, i am a bright kid with a great future ahead just did something really stupid thanks....

      My name is Stanislav. I live in Santa Clara County, In San Jose CA.
      My friends and I were really bored and did something really stupid. And now i am here asking for any help which i can get.

      Tuesday morning we went out to an appartment complex and we were checking for cars which were unlocked to get small change and nothing greater then that. We found only one car which was unlocked and the other two cars my friends cut open soft tops. I know this was not the smartest things to do. We are all really good people which happen to make a big mistake which can cause failure to us in the future.

      What happen was when the alarm went off we all ran, the 5 of us. Two of us got away from the security which notified the police right away. My friend and I ran not to far and the other 3 got caught. All they had on them was a knife, a few pens, and a glow stick.

      When i went back to see if they got caught, not having any stolen property on me and a new set of clothes one of the cops asked me what i was doing and i told him that i was looking for my car. He told me that there was a burglary going on and he just wanted to make sure that i was not part of it. So he asked me where i was comming from and all that other stuff and i told him i was just looking for my car it was parked somewhere in the apartments.

      When he asked the security guard to come and see if i was one of the suspects the security guard told them 100% sure that I was not part of the group he saw, and that they were all asian.

      My phone went off as a text message and the cop asked me who it was and asked me if i can show him my phone. When i asked him if he can legally look at my phone, he put me in an arm lock for no reason and told me there was an investigation going on and asked me for my phone after he let go of the arm lock.

      I gave him my phone but my phone was LOCKED with a password. He told me if i dont give him my password i was going to go to jail. So i had to unlock my phone for him and he read the text message from my friend which said DID YOU FIND THEM YET? can he legally use that against me, Also can he put me in an arm lock if i didnt do anything wrong to his knowledge.

      They put me in hand cuffs and told me that if i dont cooperate with them then they will bring me to jail, he had me show him where one of the cars was. He told me that if i showed him they would let me go. Then out of no where we started going to down town, STILL NOT KNOWING MY RIGHTS, They told me that i had to write an APOLOGY Letter to the owner of the cars or to whom ever i want. So i told everything except the car tops which they later found.

      Can somebody please tell me what i can do. I was in Jail for 4 days and bailed so i can do anything in my power to get my self out of this bump in my life.

      My questions:
      *Can they really take my phone with force like that"?
      *Do they have to read me my Miranda Rights?
      *Can i trust the Public Defender?
      *Can they use what was on the Cell Phone?
      *Can they use the "Apology" letter against me?
      *What can i do if i cannot afford a Lawyer?

      With out the phone there was no way they can link me to the crime until i wrote the confession letter not mentioning the soft tops.

      I got 2 felony Charges

      1)Burglary of 3 counts
      2)Vandalizm of 2 counts.

      I already know My friends and I want to pay restitution to the people for their soft tops, but can they use any of the info i gave them because without my cell phone they cannot link me to the crime.

      Please help me out, i know what i did was wrong. Thank You so much for your time
    18. onlyemokid
      can you delete my user name and posts please? Thanks so much!!
      im trying to clean up my username searches on google
    19. ap112629

      I was mislead by a guy I was seeing. He had me complete a misleading contract to work for an exotic dancing company that he claimed to own which he does not. This contract never stated anything at all about pornography or the selling or publishing of my images. He had a video camera present recording our interview but after a while I asked he to please turn it off. He said he did and it appeared to be off but maybe he had a camera hidden and we had intercourse.

      A few months later a friend of mine told me that she saw me on a porn site in a video with this guy. He is selling the video online and he has several other women who's he's tricked the same way. I was unaware of any of this and I was wondering if this is illegal and if I can press charges against him.

      Thank you in advance for your help.
    20. danab55
      Hi there-

      I posted a message in 2004 and I would like it removed please!!!!!!!!!! My user name is danab55 and all options to edit my post are gone. Please help me.

      Thank you. Dana Bortscheller
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