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    1. robtra240
      hi i was just wondering if you knew how to help me in this situation--- i have a joint banking with my sons father i was added on because he would be out of state and i needed to be able to collect my $50 a week child support that was nearly three years ago, since that time we just never took my name off the account and the lawyer for ford motor credit ( to which i owe money) went into the bank account and wiped out all his money --i would really like to know how to get his money back for him i have never added any money to the account ever thank you- oh and we were never married either
    2. lorretta6666
      Would you mind tell me how to answer this?
      1. Under Illinois law a representation agreement must be entered into between the attorney and client and must include a statement of client’s rights and responsibilities which can be and usually is created and includes provisions made up by the attorney for the benefit of the attorney. (Tha is True or False?)

      29. Jane comes to the office and hires the firm for her dissolution of marriage. After a brief talk with J. Charles Lawyer, Esq. Three days later, her soon to be ex calls and says they have agreed on everything. Under those circumstances it is ok to advise him that the property can be divided 50-50 as they want it to be. (True or False)

      30 Jane comes to the office and hires the firm for her dissolution of marriage. After a brief talk with J. Charles Lawyer, Esq. Since she is sure that she wants a dissolution, it is unnecessary to discuss other alternatives with her.
      (True or False)
    3. m_emullins
      Dear Sir:
      Can you tell me if a person can be fired for refusing to work overtime, and also if it is legal for an employer to fire you by telephone?
      Thank you
    4. tomsmith
      could you please look at my post (drug smuggling) in the alcohol, drugs section and tell me what you think.
      i thank you
    5. littleboysnina
      Hi Professor,
      I have been using ACORN to help me save my house from forclousure. Recently another company that I called to help us (but wanted $$$$ up front and I didn't have) called today and told me that the local office president called them to get help with saving thier house and her reply "I won't use my own company because the people that work for us are volunteers and we don't have enough people and those people don't have enough time". I was not aware or advised by my case worker or anyone that she is a volunteer. The sale date for my house is 12/30/08 and now I'm forced to look, last minute for a new place to live for myself and my family. Which by the way we were told by this case worker that they don't help you with that but my understanding is that they do, in fact my case workers previous assistant even advised us (previous to them rescheduling two appointments) that she was busy helping people relocate who had to be out of thier house asap. My family and I feel that 1st we are being descriminated against as we are white (we find that most of the people that work there are hispanic, barely speak english) and that due to this lack of available case workers our mortgage company has and will not work with us. Please help. Thank you. littleboysnina (AZ)
    6. junior01
      Would you please read my story and tell me what you think??? thank you so much
    7. hugohipo
      my dad was picked up by INS in county jail, right after we had paid his bail for his offense. if my dad were to get deported what would happen to his mortgage car titles and anything else he has on his name? including his bail, the bond company called me and said that my dad should have reported himself to them, what does this mean to me can i get in trouble for that?
    8. Mike_T
      need advise about an agrument that was a verbal mistake. with both parties saying things that should have not been said..I'll kill you , I'll shot you while curseing and swareing was going on. Then when it was over one of the parties unvolved went to the State Police and told them what had happened What is going to happen to the party that did not call the Police?
    9. angeleyesdebby
      I am cought up i an internet check cashing scam and never knew I was doing something ilegal, now the police are working with me to get more info on the originator ,, what is going to happen to me???? I am so scared
    10. rokira

      I got caught shoplifting while my 13 year old daughter was with me. She had no idea what I was doing, but loss prevention made a big deal about it. The amount shopliftes was $100. What happens since my daughter was with me? What legal actions would be taken in regards to her or my custody of her? is it anything serious? Is there an arrest behind that?
    11. ironsetr
      in 1994 i plead to 2 counts of attempted csc in the state of MI I can't find a job since i just lost mine of 12years because of my background, is it possible to get my records sealed so i can once again support my family???
    12. saul0075
      law professor, thanks for your help. I'm new here and in need of legal help. An acquantance whos also an officer in his real estate corporation lent me $5000, personal loan a while back. I worked for his company at the time. Later I decided to leave his company. When the last transaction closed, it was for $7082 dollars. He kept the entire amount and said he could pay me because I still owed him money. He said he needed to make sure he got his money back and so didn't pay me a penny. He used his influence with his company to get back his money. He also didn't pay the agent who was due to get $4500 of that money. Recently, he sued me in court for the $5000, and won. Now he's making $12000 at my expense. What should I do?
    13. cchuskey2
      Hello, I am in Missouri and I was hoping for a little help. My son goes to his fathers every other weekend and always comes back to me dirty and a lot of the time he is in the same clothes I sent him in. He really does not like to go and I have not recieved Child support in six months. I was just wondering if I could cut off the visits for my sons sake or if I would be in legal trouble for doing that. Please let me know and Thanks!
    14. jq22
      I am not sure how versed you are on Texas law, but I had written a short paragraph under the traffic ticket thread. Unaware of certain laws, I did not know that I had to request my motion for discovery of evidence prior to my pre-trial hearing. I filed a motion for discovery a day after my pre-trial. Two weeks later the DA's office said my request for evidence was denied since I did not file prior to pre-trial. My question is: Is there another way for me, or an attorney, if I hire one, to get the evidence that I am requesting from the DA after my pre-trial hearing. I have about 3 weeks until my actual court date. I am trying to get my video from my traffic stop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    15. nearyb
      i was going to a private college and they closed down before i could get my degree do i still have to pay them even though i didnt get what i was paying for
    16. TiTiandBiBi
      can you be charged with shoplifting after it happened and you or going to court to testify for you co defendent who got charged
    17. kenelise
      :confused:Hello, I live in Oregon I was served a summons for a loan I havent paid. I have to file with the court a ''motion'' or ''answer'' what does this mean??
    18. mattietuk
      Hello, I live in Massachusetts. Two years ago I bought a used All terrain vehicle from a dealer. It came with the release of lien from the bank and the title. I sold it two days ago and now the guy wants his money back because he cant find the VIN number on the bike. Before purchase, him, myself and his friend looked for 45 minutes and could not find it. He purchased it anyway saying "they must be under the plastics somewhere" Do i legally have to refund his money?
    19. Ampt101
      I was recently charged with underage consumption in williamson county TN. I was at my buddys house when the cops were called. Some guys were outside drinking and when the cops came they ran inside and shut the door coming in thru the open garage door. The officer ran in behind the guys and opened the door yelling for everyone to stay put and asking for id's. The owner of the house came into the rom and started yelling at the officer to get out of her house and that they cant just barge in so the cops walked outside and started demanding id's. I did not have my id so when they started talking to me I gave them all of my information. The officer looked at me and said "ok, you look you have been drinking tonight and I can tell that you have so theres no point in lying. How many have you had tonight sir." I looked at him looked to my right at my buddy and looked back to the officer not saying anything. He wrote on his legal pad and walked away so I went back inside. About 20 minutes later the cops asked for me to come back outside. I went back outside and asked why I was being charged and what for. The officers replied that I had nodded when asked if I had been drinking. I told them that was not true that I never moved or said anything to them, the officer then said well you need to sign this sheet saying you understand that you have court ad if you dont show you will be arrested. I told him i would be contesting the charges and he said thats fine just make sure I go to court. I have court on the 7th of January what should I do? Do I need a attorney? Is there anyway that I can get out of this without any trouble? I was never sobriety tested or breathalized. The only evidence is that they said I nodded when asked if I had been drinking. What should I do? If you can email me back on here or at macn08@aol.com thank you
    20. PRICELESS75
      My husband is on 2 different probations. Last year he had 1 of his probations revoked for not following the release agreement by not seeing his PO and a few other things. He spent over 3 months in jail and when he got out he thought that he was completely done with jail time. He has since followed all his rules of probation and has done very well until the other day he was arrested for a warrant out of the same county for the same charges as the year before , the only difference is that they are trying to violate a different probation, not the one that was revoked. So my question is, is this legal? Isn't it double jeopardy and shouldn't the court have brought up the issue of the other probation in the same hearing as before? How can they wait a year before issuing a warrant when he was sitting in their jail when the charge against that probation was originally documented. Help I need my hubby home before Christmas!
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