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    1. prgirl
      I have a question, what is considered being in custody of police? Does police custody mean you are in cuffs or confined to a space you cannot get out of without their help such as in the back of their vehicle?
    2. aalinaut
      Tenant's right to terminate lease


      My jurisdiction is: Frederica, DE

      We moved into a house on the 28th of August 2008. At that time we noticed some problems with the home.
      1. The oven door would not open 2. The refridgerator leaks water and has duct tape in the freezer holding parts together and makes a loud thumping sound every 30 minutes 3. The garage smells like a dog has lived there for years with feces all over the garage floor and the garage door 4. The threshold of the front door and sliding glass door are rotting 5. Buzzing noise when turning on the light switches 6. water leaking from bathroom toilet off of the hallway 7. Infestation of bugs, just to name some of the problems, these do not include the fact that the house was not cleaned prior to us moving in. Dog hair was everywhere!!!! The carpets were filthy, and the bathrooms smelled of mildew. The owners basically moved out and left it up to us to clean up after them. I have notified the realtor who is managing the rental for the owners of all the problems verbally and in writting and was assured verbally that the problems would be fixed. Nothing still has been done to date. We want to know if we are within our rights to terminate the lease with a 15 day notice without the fear of being sued for the additional months that we have left on our lease. We want to leave ASAP!!!!!!! Thank you for your advice.
    3. db11001011
      hello, I have been employeed for 7 years and have been employee of the year of this bank for 4 of them, i recently worked with an 8 month old employee of the bank and she has stated that i threw some paperwork in her face and stormed off. It is totally false, but unfortunately this lady just might get me fired over this even though it never happened. what in the world can i do to keep this person from getting me fired? I feel completely helpless, HR as well as the manager so far has bought this lady's story, i have no where else to turn. please help.
    4. ksloan126
      Written Receipt, but seller won't give me a Refund!


      I currently purchased a Sofa from a "friend" of ours. I paid her the $500.00, and said I could pick it up on the weekend.
      She wrote out a contract/receipt for the payment of the Sofa.
      It states "Sofa and ottoman must be picked up by 12/22/08, or this receipt is null and void and there will be no refund or delivery of the sofa".
      "In case of emergency and the buyer is not able to pick up the sofa due to fire, buglary, etc then the full $500.00 will be re-imbursed to her no later than 12/22/08."

      I asked her for a Refund because it is before the stated date of 12/22/08, and she will not cooperate or pick up my phone calls. She will only respond in emails saying that if I don't pick it up by Monday the 22nd I am out my money.

      Can she do this? Don't I get my refund if it is before the stated date of 12/22/08?
    5. confederate131
      I have a question concerning our tenant. Can u help?
    6. brown3323
      hello how are you i have a ten year old son and his father died when i pregnant with him and his father has a sister that stays in S.C and i stay in georgia and we were trying to figure out how can we get a paternity test done and if we could use his father blood type and my son blood type to use to get his survial benefits started i need some answers bad.
    7. EMAC
      I have a two year old son and the father has been in an out of rehab he comes froma wealthy fam, his mother has been heling with the bills an recently Iwent to the dentist and it was more than I though it would be she gave me her credit card and is now pissed off cause Im leaving her son an told the credit card company I stole it the dentist called me an told me if I dont bring him cash Im going to jail she lied and has money Im a single mom with nothing thanks to her son whay do I do Please help
    8. EMAC
      I need legal advise am In the correct blog
    9. myuserid
      I am on H1B visa but not getting any job for last 4 months. I donot want to leave this heaven country. I have a permanent bank job in India but I donot want to go back as this country is beautiful and worth living. In India i have affection with one political party and other political party is in power. They will hares me when i will join the job. Can i get my visa status changed to student visa or can i get political asylum.What is best for me , please suggest and the process also.
    10. kryton2008
      hi, i have a court date next month for Notice of Hearing on Claim of Exemption. Do i need to go?
    11. Corey66
      Is there a statue of limitation on collection from a paydayloan?
      Its been 8 years and i just got a call threating litigation and asking considerably more then the original loan.
    12. anchormannepa
      tried to hook up on craigslist. Did not post anything relating to prostitution or to children. I cop responded with an email that simply said "call for details" and it listed a phone number. What should I do? Am I in trouble? I'm in CA.
    13. BostonGotNext
      Hey Im 22 and was in an arguement with my ex girlfriends boyfriend and got charged with criminal threatening in Maine what do you think I should do? Ive never been in trouble before.
    14. Bettie123
      Hi my brother was sent to prison for 6 charges I hired a lawyer but I don't feel confident on how he did his job and I paid him more money to get him out of prisonto fight the other time cause the state wants to give him 5 more yrs is that possible even though the judge told him to do 24 months
    15. jrtease47
      i am trying to file a divorce but my ex-husband does not want to sign the joint papers what should i do
    16. sfauber60
      Good evening. A family member who is a member of the medical profession has been diagnosed with colon cancer and has been hospitalized for the past 1-1/2 weeks undergoing the necessary treatments to hopefully get her on the road to recovery. Today, she received notification that she is "being laid off" effective 12/15/08. Is this not illegal?
    17. bootsjr1968
      i was wondering if an arrest for prescription forgery will appear on a background check. was arrested over 2 years ago and i am still having to "sign-in" for bail. have not been indicted, given court date or any other action from the courts/law?????
    18. CaptainGrim
      You seem very very busy, and I'm sure you get this a lot. However, I was hoping, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, that you could review my post and perhaps give me a bit of your professional legal advise?
    19. slider89
      I was wondering if you could read my story and repley. It look's like you are quite busy on here. If you do not have time, I will understand
    20. ttbt7
      My daughter who was 17 recently had a baby. The father is 22. I am not okay with this and want to know what my rights are as the parent of the underage girl in Wyoming to press charges. He has not stopped with my daughter but continues to prey on underage girls in our small town
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