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    1. jharris352
      I just sent you a personal email. Please read it and respond. I am not trying to be trouble but I need your assistance.
    2. jharris352
      Why does the mailbox feature say I don't have access? I'm new.
    3. katlowe
      could you possibly remove the reputation thing that baylaw is talking about that I posted? apparently it's in her reputation and she requested it be removed and I honestly thought she was a spammer so if you would be so kind as to grant her request I would appreciate it. Thank you.
    4. mlane58
      Please read my wall and comments on my forum points area from Green Hornet. I really don't appreciate the vulgar language toward me. This kind of behavior is really unacceptable.
    5. whiteKnight
      Hi tladministrator,
      I had posted a link in my very first thread on this forum. Kindly remove it. If there was a edit feature i would have done this myself.
    6. whiteKnight
      hi thelawprofessor,
      Please remove the link that i posted in my very first thread. There is no edit feature otherwise i would have done this myself.
    7. BayState
      Hi...I am not able to send PM's. When I looked into my user CP there doesn't SEEM to be a option for PM's...

    8. AZ123
      I am in need of some advice. I have reviewed your profile/forum info and apparently you are very knowledgable. I have a post that I posted last night. I would like to give you more details. Please check out my posting listed under advice. Thank you very much!
    9. stvtill116
      Can I take a private seller to small claims court in Pa? I purchased a car from Craig's list for $1300.00 on 4/47/2009 The cars motor went on 5/8/09. The repair shop said it would cost $4000.00 to fix. The seller said the car was in great shape and there were no problem but a transmission slip.

      Can I take them to court? Please this would really help me. I have three kids and now no car or no money to purchase another one.

      Thanks you

      please respond to stvtill116@gmail.com
      Here is the add

      Great small car, really good on gas over 30 mpg, you can fill up on average for under $20. Car has around 130K miles, and needs light tranny work, it shouldn't need too much, just having a little problem catching in first gear. 2 door, automatic, 6 disc cd player, pw, pl, sunroof, 4cyl, abs, dual airbags, cruise control. Car has minor dings here and there but nothing too terrible. I will be uploading pics soon. Call Terry for questions
    10. orangebooks
      Hello, can you please help me figure out what I need to do about this situation... see below... Thank you so much for your help... any advice on where to start or what to do would be great!
      My ex wife has financial documents regarding my sons trust set up by my grandfather. I am executive on this account as well as my current wife. She is refusing to return these documents to me on the grounds saying anything that has to do with her son is legally hers. She claims that all legal matters are to be made between her and I regarding our son. Is this true?? If not how do I go about getting these private financial documents back from her. She will not even give me copies of these statements.
    11. Green_Hornet
      Hey my P.M feature went kapoof after you fixed the edit feature!
    12. benstill
      Hello, can you please give me your opinion to help me understand the following. Is completing and signing a form I-9 (employment eligibility verification form) with wrong information considered a material misrepresentation if you have the right to be employed in the U.S.?

      e.g., if you are a U.S. citizen, resident alien, or legal alien with work authorization and when completing the form I-9 you check the wrong status box (Citizen checking the resident box or alien checking the resident box), will that be considered a material misrepresentation?. Regardless, all 3 (citizen, resident, legal alien) have the right to employment, so there is absolutely no benefit or gains from this misrepresentation.

      My friend was convicted for checking the wrong status box in a form I9, she was charged with (1)false statement, and (2)impersonating a citizen (she is a legal resident who checked the citizen box), the judge dismissed charge #2, and the prosecutors had to prove the false statement was material to get a conviction. The judge thought it was material, but based his decision on the general use of the I9 -which is to crack down on illegal aliens in the workplace-, and didn't consider my friend's individual circumstances. Judge also said is an interesting case for appeal because this person actually didn't benefit or gain at all from checking the citizen box and that puts in question if the false statement is a material one.

      I'm trying to understand the "material" concept within the law, and for what I've read (please help me understand if I'm wrong) I think a misrepresentation is material when from the action or false representation you influenced (for your own benefit) the outcome of a contract or any other transaction, or you gained money or any other benefits for yourself.

      Please give me your opinion or let me know of any resources where I can find information about this.

      Thank you in advance for your response.

    13. carigirl
      Lien holder and bankruptcy


      I sold a business and a security agreement was made where the buyer would pay me for 4 months installments for a portion of the money. He made 1payment and refused the rest. I took him to court and the judge ordered I retain assets in the business for the ordered amount. We followed all rules with the sheriff etc and obtained the assets as per the secured note. Two days after retaining the assets ,before I can sell them to recover my money, the defendent files bankruptcy chapter 7. What now happens to me since I already have the assets in my possesion. Can I sell them or does he take the assets back? What should I do...please advise...Thanks
    14. bzzbabydoll
      A friend of mine wants to open his own business, he has a proven record at his current company which is closing down and he will be taking over. His credit is really bad, so he can't get the loan for $20,000.00 I have this money and would like to help him out b/c he is my designer for my clothes for my business. It would benefit me by having him on his own. I am copying a current personal loan contract I had from a year ago from a bank, is this legal? Can I just reword it to match what I need??
      If you could email me: jen@whiskeygirls.net with the answers it would be greatly appreciated. THanks
    15. JasonRoybal
      I have joint custody of my son in which his mom was ordered through the courts to pay $350.00 a month of child support. She is now behind $2,965.00. My child support is supposed to be due on the 1st of every month but its always received at different times of the month. She has to pay her child support directly to clearing house because she told the courts that she works for a mortgage company as a loan officer and she works off commision so they said they couldnt garnish her checks. What kind of advice can you give me in what I can do to collect the back support plus having our payments on a timely manner. Thank you
    16. strongerr
      Can I live in a pole barn building has all utilities to includeing sanatary sewer , also built on a residential property .
    17. dhb3866
      My daughter has a mortage for her home. She signed paperwork that said she would pay the taxes on her property with the original mortage company and did not want an escrow account. Another mortage company purchased her loan.
      She failed to pay the school taxes for 2007 but did pay the county taxes.
      The current mortage company paid the school taxes for 2007 and the also the taxes for 2008. She has sent the full payment for the school taxes which they paid for 2007.

      They sent her a letter saying they set up an escrow account for her to pay the taxes. She never agreed to set up an escrow account with current mortage company. They paid the taxes early for 2008 which did not give her a chance to pay them.

      Does she have to accept the escrow account with the mortage company?
    18. xoxbabygirlxox
      ok im from canada down in north carolina and hoping to marry him this month i want to no what requirements i have to meet and if i will be able to stay here once were married
    19. w220jm
      got married in a Lasvagas chapel in 2005 we got back to Washington st and we never filed the marriage license in Washington st are we married?
    20. awilson91
      how do i get help with moving out of my mothers house at 17 and live with a friend and his parents
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