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    1. derekpereira
      excuse i have a question if i have a credit card company taking me t cort but i just cant affard to pay at this time what could the judge do to me?
    2. mrpapa1897
      I have a question, I am a 23 year old male from Illinois, I went to a party to be the DD for my friends, while waiting for them to get ready, the police busted the party and the police officer asked for my I.D. I gave it to him, then he told all of us 21+ year olds that he "is not going to tell us if we are charged with anything yet, we will just have to wait and see if we get something in the mail." Sure enough I got a contributing alcohol to a minor charge against me. Should I consult a lawyer about this or fight it myself? I didn't have a drop of alcohol or bring alcohol to the party.
    3. mhutc
      do we need legal representation because we were sold a new car that had a total system failure on the computer in less than 24 hours after purchase?
    4. kaltsa
      posted into different forum
    5. ae4040
      Hi...I have an issue w/ my apt manager, and received a 60day notice terminating my month to month rental agreement. I believe she is doing this because of personal reasons due to a phone altercation we had today not for any other reason. I posted a thread w/ more details...I would appreciate any help or advice you can give or if you can point me in the right direction. Thank you
    6. NeedsAnswers321
      Is there such a thing as a free lawyer or attorney? I need major help with issues regarding the custody of my daughter and pressing charges for abuse.
    7. lybev4
      hello im in a bit of a financial bind due to a business partner running the business to the ground( I'm not sure I am a partner) he was to claim bankruptsy for the business and now refuses this would have put my credit back up to par he has robbed me of thousands of dollars he wants to sue me for his ruining the business i tried to sue him in his state but that got me no where I can not get this man to do the right thing. he takes all the money made by the business fir himself and his mother needless to say he has been arrested twice for attacking me over this what can i do please help
    8. gholland
      My daughter was raped by two young men on April 5, 2008. I just found out about it, what are my legal options at this point. She is 20 years old, the two men are 18 and 23. Alcohol was used. I need advice.
    9. stephenson408
      I need help.Recently while i was on holiday my flatmate called me to say the landlord wanted us to move our things out by the 13th of June and so because i was abroad i called my landlord andhe said this was wrong as my tenancy wasnt up till the 28th of june. However, when i got home on the 15th, my flatmate said she had moved all of my things out and handed the keys in. When i asked her where it was she said she had left it in the street because she didnt know what to do with it, eventhough my stepdad was willing to come and get it.Everything i owned, photographs, clothes, shoes, hair dryer, memories were thrown away and so i accepted it and did not speak to my flat mate again. However, today i was looking on facebook and there are so many pictures of her wearing all of my clothes, one off pieces that i recognise. I am distraught and feel violated and do not know how to get my belongings back, if i can. If not do i have a rigt to phone the police??
    10. tonyjove
      I would like to delete my post "temporary rule 11" by me [tonyjove]. Would you please help as I could not see any delete functionality?
    11. ymlander
      I have been left a home, and would like to put it up for bids, but know nothing of the process. How would I go about doing this, and are there any legal ramifications, or special forms? Thanks Yvonne
    12. sonrisa
      I appreciate your assistance with the following case: My 22 yrs old brother was arrested on june 28 at 2:01 am in Mesa. Arizona for 1- possesion of marihuana, 2- possesion of drug paraphernalia, and 3- robbery. He was very drunk and went to a 7 eleven store to get 2 beers, got to the counter, the cashier asked for Id and payment and he did not have any money, he went to the back of the store, took two beers, one beer bottle felt to the floor and broke, he ordered the cashier to come and clean it right away, the cashier refused, my brother went and grabbed him and brought him to the back of the store to clean while he walked out of teh store with one bottle of beer, he gave it to his 18 yrs old drunk friend who was outside of the store. Minutes later he returned to the store and wanted to get more beers and cigarrettes, when the cashier told him no, he grabbed him form his arms, and ordered to give it to him, the cashier refused. My brother then got very upset went behind the counter and started ordering the cashier to put cigarrettes in a bag, he grabbed and pushed the man repeatedly. The cashier called the store manager (also owner), and when he came he told my brother to walk out of the store immediately and he refused, the owner walked out of the store to call the police, my brother grabbed a bottle and chased him in the parking lot, he throw a beer bottle at him but missed him, so the bottle broke in the floor. The owner then entered another store and the police arrested my brother in the parking lot. All activity is recorded, there are 9 cameras in the store and parking lot. I have not seen the tapes, I spoke to the owner in person and he told me what I just described. He was arrested from Sunday June 28- Friday July 4th, I bailed him out for $4500. His first court date is Monday July 3 at 8:30am. We have $1000, a lawyer is asking for $5000, He is going to be assigned a public defendant, Can we trust them to defend him? My brother is a legal resident, if he is convicted for a felony he might be deported or loose his ability to renew his alien resident card (which he has lost) and may not be able to become a US citizen. I heard they will offer an arraignment, what can he accept or negotiate that will not affect his legal status or when applying for a job? What is the classification of these offenses and what are the possible convictions? Can this be consider a misdemeanor if he agrees to do some tie in jail? Please advice. Thanks a lot!
    13. helpus
      If I live in Iowa can someone in nebraska file a civil case against me.
    14. currym14
      I gave one of my brother $18K to hold for me.* I asked him to send me $2K because I had a bill to pay and he did.* Over a month ago I asked him to send me the remaining money, which is $16K.* He his responsed to me is what $16K?* What can I do legally?* Is this a crime? I live in Colorado and he lives in Florida. Thank you.
    15. emixx36
      Can you help me with trying to file suit with either a state or county
    16. jkrych

      I recently accepted a position as a Pastoral Support Counselor for a local chapter of Alcoholics for Christ. A member of the group who has made significant progress in his addiction over the last several months has found himself in a legal situation of a criminal nature that relates to behaviors that occureed during the height of his alcoholism. In support of this individual, and if it is possible to do so, I would like to file a Friend of the Court Brief attesting to the personal progress of this individual. I believe I need the judge's permission to do this, and I am not sure if I need to have a lawyer write this brief for me or if I can do it myself. Would you help me with some answers to these questions? It would be greatly appreciated.
    17. jlr08
      how do i go about getting my son adopted by my husband. my husband is not my sons biological father, but the biological father has nothing at all to do with my son, refused to sign his birth certificate and hasnt even seen my son since the day he was born for about 20 min. and that was 2.5yrs ago.
    18. plannerchic
      My next door neighbor and I have had a long feud for many years. Until recently we just didnt acknowledge each others prescence or speak and that was just fine with me. LAst summer they put a portapottuy on their patio and I then put up a 8 foot wood fence. Since then, whenever I am outside he makes obnoxious verbal calls..most recently he has started yelling suuueee sueeee suueee pig pig pig (you know the farmers call to their pig) sometimes he calls his dogs with swear names (shit head ect) over and over again, and I asked him years agao not to do that becuase of my kids. My kids are grwon now, but he still does it , but only when I am out, not my husband. anyway..he is just an annoyance but I cant go outside ands enjoy my backyard becuase of this, what can I do?
    19. jdrough
      can the executor of a will sell property before it has been through probate
    20. leanne99
      Question? I am divorced now but when we were still together we bought a motorcycle for me to ride, it is in my name. We ended up selling it to his sister because I got pregnant. We sold it to her for $1000 and when she paid I would sign the title over to her, well she never paid and now my ex wants me to sign the title over to her. I told him to give me $500 and I would or I would come and get it. The motorcycle is in my name only, he took the title when we split up. Can't I get a duplicate title and go get the bike? This was not mentioned in our divorce, what was in his possession/name was his and what was in my possession/name was mine, this would include the bike right? Thanks
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