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    1. cspoonholtz
      I have a question...I'm hoping that you may be able to lead me in the right direction.

      I am trying to choose my major for college and i really want to do either Forensic Psychology or Criminal Justice, will i be able to have a career in these fileds if i am a convicted felon?
    2. andreajh28
      I hadnt pushed this bc i didnt know I might possibly have a legit claim. 3 months ago a friend and I co-signed a 6 month lease wtih an apartment complex. I paid the depsit and first months rent, with agreemnts he would pay to have the other utilities turned on. Exaclty 2 days after moving in he informed me that he was staying at home and not moving in with me. He hasnt lived one day in the apartment and only has attempted once to give a portion of money he owes me for half rent so far, and mind you I didnt get it either bc the bank wont cash the check he gave me due to him being negative. I have all signed documnts for the lease, i have money order and bank stubs were I have paid the rent, and even the complex is willing to state that he never moved in and who paid the depoit and rent . Do I have somthing here? If so what do I do? l live in TN....i have tried finding a room mate...even tried to down grade to a one bed room. but bc of contact with the complex i have to stay in this apartment for 6 months then i can break the year contract and down grade. i just need help into where to go now, i dont klnow what papers to fill out or were to star first, i need direction were to go from here. i have all the documents that i need on my part, i dont know what legal filing docs i need or how to submit them. thank for ANY help at all
    3. idenity4709
      Was arrested in Philadelphia on FOJ (Fugitive of Justice) warrant from New Jersey
      (Trenton). I have never seen the charges but do that it relates to identity theft, drivers
      license fraud and theft by deception. A good part of that exists only in the minds of the
      prosecutors. Did not waive extradtion and was released on bail.
      What should I expect when I go to court in Philly in August?
      If there any easy way to fight extradition?
      What other options could I exercise (can I ask for time to put my affairs in order)?
      I will lose 30% of my bail (almost $1700 cash) when I show up and won’t be able to
      get any money back for 30 days. If I sign that money over to a New Jersey lawyer,
      can he get around that.
      If I am not successful at fighting extradtion, will they take me to New Jersey right on
      the spot?
      Would I be better off turning myself in to New Jersey?
      How can I find out what my bail will be in New Jersey?
      The catch is I hardly have any money right now to hire a lawyer. My brother got me out
      but he won’t put out any more $ until original bail comes back.
      I Reside In The State Of Nj And My Fiancee And I Just Bought A House In Both Our Names And We Have 2 Children Together...we Are Thinkin Of Splitting Up And She Seems To Think She Will Get The House/is This True And Am I Legally Responsibe To Pay The Mortage While She Resides In The Home Till The Children Are 18 Years Of Age....urgent Please Help......
    5. brash1064
      How long is too long when waiting for your court date


      My husband has been in jail waiting for his day in court. Eight different dates have been set only to be reset. The first five dates had such titles as check status, disposition settings and etc. The last three dates were for a hearing before the judge and all have come and gone. The hearing was scheduled to present case law to the judge that will prove that my husbands offense should have been classified as a misdemeanor and not a felony. We can't prove this if we never get our day in court. Meanwhile my husband sits in jail under an outrageous bond and his length of time in jail has surpassed the punishment length for a misdemeanor. Our attorney isn't helping to speed this along and most of the time I can't even get him on the phone. What can I do? Who do I need to contact? Please help!!!
    6. trotter05
      I have a question. I live in Cedar Falls, IA and a couple nights ago I recieved a public intoxication blowing .389 b.a.c. in the field. I refused to blow in the station. Then also recieved a 5th degree criminal mischief for punching out a window at a bar. I have talked to the manager of the bar and I will pay for it. I have decided to plead guilty to both tickets. Would you recommend a lawyer? How much in fines do you think fines wise im looking at? And will there be any other immediate consequences from the court? Please help me I need pointed in a direction. Thank you.
      I Reside In The State Of Nj And My Fiancee And I Just Bought A House In Both Our Names And We Have 2 Children Together....we Are Thinking Of Splitting Up And She Seems To Think She Will Get The House ,is This True And Am I Legally Responsible To Pay The Mortage If Im Not Living In The House Till The Children Become 18 Years Of Age....please Help
    8. etuck09
      i have a question. i just got fired like an hour ago while i was sitting at home. the reason they gave me was because of the conversation that my mom and my boss had earlier. is there any kind of case here?
    9. Misty_Morrison
      Hi Can you tell me what my legal standing is. I live in virginia and my mother has full custody of my 13 year old daughter. If she gets in trouble with the law or gets pregnant am I legally resposible for her in any way?
    10. voodoochile
    11. ladyskull
      I have a question on a verbal contract. We have been delivering for a company for 3 years. Have always renegotiated our contracts verbally. Friday after work we get a phone call stating that we are no longer needed at the company. What do we have to go on. There was no notice, no warning, nothing. Just don't bother to show up your services are no longer needed. We went in today to turn in final paperwork to get paid and we find out that they are saying we were stealing from the company due to mileage changing. The mileage changed because 2 of the drivers switched delivery areas to cut back on excessive mileage on one of the vehicles. The company never asked why the mileage had changed before they fired us. If we were to quit the company we was to give at least a 2 week notice for them to be able to get other delivery drivers for them. Do we have any options? Thanks for your time.
    12. kimmy1984
      I really need advice on a verbal agreement i was not aware of, i just thought it was a sales call and now they want £100s of me. please help
    13. AMP854
      Ok, I wanted to know if legally I could do anything about this problem I have and whether it would be worth it to obtain a lawyer. I have just signed up today and not sure exactly how this works but here it goes, hope you can help.In July of last year I financed a 2004 toyota solara. Im 23 yrs old and did not have alot of credit history and I had a hospital bill and some fraud on my report that was also causing problems. So I needed to go to school and work so I needed a car and rather quickly so I went to the dealership, when reviweing my credit we discussed what would be my best option to wait and fix my credit report or purchase the car to improve credit. Ofcourse the financers recommendation was to take the care at the high interest rate and refinance in 8 months NO PROBLEM! I did alot of research and asked lots of questions but it was my first time financing so I thought I did my best. I asked the financer numerous times questioning refinancing and if i could definantly do it because my monthly payments would be really high. His answer was that there is no problem as long as you make all of your payments ontime, he said he does it all the time and even showed me refinances he was working on with people who had worse credit than mine. So I took the car now a year later I am trying to refinance and all banks are denying the loan. I have made all payments ontime including paying even more than I was supposed to on some months, I have not had any default and all of my credit cards etc are up to date, and one of the issues affecting my credit that has been disputed has been deleted from my credit report. So if anything my credit has gotten better definatly not worse. So the bank approved my loan at $15,000 and now all banks are denying me refinancing for $13,000. Now, alot of stuff before I tried to refinance started coming up regarding this car that just makes me think that this was a shady deal. almost a week after I bought the car toyota financial called me up and said that my loan wasnt approved. How was I driving around in a car for almost a week and not have been approved for a loan? so toyota called me and said that they needed to speak with my employer and the financer called me and said that he would take care of it(whatever that meant). So none the less I guess I was approved. So now, If technically I was never approved in the first place why would he continue to swear up and down that I would be able to refinance. Then when was going over my warranty information I was told that he gave me the best warranty they offer so after further review i noticed that when no box is checked on the warranty that meant the least coverage. So I called the financer and he told me to come in, when i went it he said they told me that no box checked meant the most so Ill just pick the one thats best for you. So he checked off a box on my form, but there were 3 forms when I signed 1 for me 1 for him and 1 for warranty company so what does checking a box on my paper really do? I still to this day have no idea what my warranty entails and dont know how to even find out. So when I bought the car I was told that I was getting the best deal for my car in regards to price, he even called the owner infront of me to get permission to offer me the car at that price(yea I know good salesman). So he printed out a page from kelley blue book showing me how much my car was worth which was 18,000 and I was paying 14,000, I researched and saw the same information and that toyotas hold there value really well. So now when I went to refinance the person that did my financing does not work there anymore, come to find out not many of them do as apparently there was a lawsuit and toyota cleaned house because they were doing alot of illegal things. So anyway now working with a new financer they estimate my car and estimate it at $9,500 ?? So I said how can that be I even looked up trade in value on blue book and saw that it was worth atleast 11,000-12,000. They said that they do not use kelley blue book because that it not accurate. How is it that they do not use kelley blue book when thats what the showed me to prove my so called great deal? and furthermore how can they not use it when toyota.com has a button estimate your cars trade in value and what does it use?? Kelley blue book! So how was my car a great deal when I purchased it at $14,000 and now not even a year later im only offered 9,500 and now because of my high interest rate my loan is upside down (possibility for why they wont re-finance). So with all that I am now literally stuck in this car I cant refinance and I cant sell it because I would end up still owing thousands in the end. On top of all this after bringing all of my information to the new financer i was looking over my documents and noticed another lie he told. He talked me into a force tracker(vehicle recovery device) he told me that he was not charging me for vehicle etching for the force tracker and when I was signing the papers I noticed that It showed a charge. So when I asked him he said that he didnt charge me but had to write it for insurance or financing reasons. He even worked the math showing me I wasnt charged but when I looked at the papers the other day and really sat there and did the math I was charged. I know that these car people will tell you anything and I did lots of research to avoid that from happening and I also know that people get taken advantage of all the time but I would have never ever taken this loan had I not been promised over a million times by him that I would have No problem refinancing. Is there anything that I can do? I am only 23 yrs old and cannot afford to stay in this loan and I hoping that there is something that I can do, especially since apparently this branch was on T.V and has cleaned house and installed cameras and recording devices in all finance offices now because of some incidents that I cannot seem to find any information on. Please Help!!!
    14. janedoe9215
      I loaned a former friend $800 about three weeks ago. He said he would pay me back in 2 weeks. Since then he hasn't returned any phone messages except to send a text telling me he wasn't ignoring me. He's under probation and after stepping back from the situation I realize he isn't planning on paying me back. What should I do?
    15. lealuke
      If I have a piece of paper that is signed by a notiary about child support and visitations does it make it a legal document that I have to follow. If on that paper it states that visitation is to be set between both partys week to week do I have to send my child with him if I choice not too.
    16. tdybearmom
      I had a patio cover installed. The estimate included a fan being installed. Can the contractor now tell me i have to pay an extra 450.00 for the installation?
    17. WARP_Engineer
      Issues With Food Lion Store
      We did work for a food lion Grocery store (repairs on wheel chairs in the front of the store) They refuse to pay our invoices because they say we had no vendor number with them, however when we called on the stores the management welcomed us in and signed our paperwork our work orders and said we did a great job and how happy they are.

      The Food lion sent us a letter and e-mail saying they will pay full amount of parts installed but not what they owe in trip charges and less than 1/2 of the labor that is signed off by store managers. They have working wheel chairs and most were broken for two months before we got there.

      the total amount they owe is 22,0000 they want to settle for a little less than 8,000. should i tell them to stick it and sue them?

      Need help and advise
    18. wcgems
      I am going to file a civil suit against my former employer.
      State law dictates that they have 72 hirs from dismissal to pay all wages due. If they do not they are then liable for the original amount PLUS 3 times that amount as liquidation damages.

      My question is this.... it is a LARGE corporation. I worked for the local retail store. The Distribution center in the state was where all of our district people and such that oversee all of the stores are located.

      I finally DID get my final check but it was 6 days after I was fired. I was written on the DC's bank rather than the CORPORATIONS which is where my normal paychecks are drawn on.

      Do I file the suit on the STORE, the DC or the CORPORATION?

      And, if its not the store do I have to file in another county (where the DC is located)?
    19. kelle711
      I recently found a judgment on my credit report that I had no knowledge of, which was entered in 2004. Apparently the complaint was originally filed in 2002, there was no activity in the case between 09/02 and 12/03 and the case was dismissed for lack of jurisdication in 06/04. The creditor then filed a motion to vacate the dismissal based on their claim that I had evaded service of the summons, and asked to use alternative service. The motion was granted, the case reopend, and a judgment by affidavit entered against me in 11/04.

      While the creditor cliams he made "good faith" efforts to locate me (his reason for getting the case reopened), I believe this to be untrue. The creditor had the contact information for a close relative but she was never contacted. Had she been, I would have been notified and responded to the action. My question is, can the order vacating the dismissal be voided, appealed, or overturned (I have no idea what the legal term is) and the original dismissal enforced? If not, what would be the grounds for a motion to vacate the judgment?
    20. unclelar123
      can local gov't employer in Illinois force direct deposit?
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