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    1. su5555
      I have a daughter who is will be 16 Nov 18. She has a classmate/ex-boyfriend in pursuit and I have concerns. She lost she phone privileges for lying and the text messages on her phone let me know that he is pushing for a sexual encounter. She is sub coming to his advances. He is a year older. What legalities can we use as preventives.
    2. stopjoshr
      hello can you answer a quick question for me?
    3. armybrat4you
      Sorry I left you a question. Hi my name is Tonya and I hope all is good.
    4. armybrat4you
      I moved from California to Orgen in June 2008. I gave my parents a notarized letter stating that my kids (Dot 16 almost 17) and Robyn (15 almost 16 and she has a 7 mo. old son) could stay the summer with them. The letter states that they could not take them out of CA, can not register them in school and that I will give a 2 week notice before I send for them. My kids now do not want to come out here and my father has mentioned attorney. I told the kids that they will lose their SSI and that my grandson will lose his medical because he is under my medical. They told me that Their grandparents told them that they don't have to move and that he will add all of them to his insurance. I did go back their in June and picked up my 12 year old child but the oldest 2 didn't want to leave. What can I do.
    5. chilliortega
      My husband was held for 72 hours then released on alleged sexual assult charges. They haven't filed charges and he was released. Now the "womans" boyfriend keeps coming into our place of business/home and wanting to question my husband. He wants him to take a lie detector test to get to the truth. I feel like he puts our job in jeapordy every time he shows up. Its been a week since the alleged incident and the boyfriend has been here 4-5 times already. I will not allow my husband to take a lie detector test for her boyfriend. If the police wanted him to take one then, that would be diffrent. I don't want to make a bad situation worse.

      How can I get the boyfriend to stop coming to our home and place of business?? If we had a lwayer would he advise us to not have contact with the other party?? Any help is GREATLY appreicated.
    6. Michael Wechsler
      Michael Wechsler
      Hmmm... 139 messages. Guys... these are VISITOR messages such as "hi there! How's it going?" If you want advice that's in the forums for a reason!
    7. stevesbabygirl7
      I am trying to find out how long the police can hold property for. It has been almost a year since they arrested me and I have been trying to get my property returned and I am not getting any results. I live in Casper, Wyoming and was sentenced to 6 months probation for misdemeanor possesion of a controlled substance the officer who confiscated my property is with D.C.I (department of criminal investigation) and he keeps giving me one excuse after another on why my property can't be returned at this time. I need some advice on what my next step should be and i need to know how long they can hold my property for, please help if you can.
    8. lilmamma21
      okay i need to know know if two parents had a kid and there no longer together and the one parent lives at home with her parents with there kid and the other parent is still in school but is active in the kid life the mother of the child is getting married and moving to another state can she legally take there daughter without his permission
    9. AnonymousHelper
      Hi, I am trying to get some legal answers for a friend of mine. She is currently 17 and she has an older sister who is 19 and a younger one that is only 7. Her mom is chronically ill and is going to pass soon. Her older sister is a pathological liar and is away at college right now so she can not help do anything. Their dad sexually and physically abused the older girl and they had dss come twice to check things but there mom says they are lying about everything so nothing was done. Since her sister is gone now her dad has started abusing her the same way and he says it is her duty to please him and to do what her mom can't. She currently can't afford to move out but if she could she doesn't want to leave her 7 year old sister at home with him. She doesn't think that she can wait until she is 18 to leave (which is soon) but she needs advise on how she can help her little sister. Her grandfather sexually abused her older sister so she doesn't want to involve her grandparents. It wouldn't benefit her sister to go live there. She would like to figure out how she can get custody of her sister and leave her family behind. She also can't go to the police in her town because her father was an officer so no one believes what is happening. She feels there is no out. She needs a way out before something serious happens.
    10. rcasias
      I owe a student loan to hinson hazelwood student loans. I have checks being held from me at a university. What can I do to get my checks?
    11. Anna_B
      I purchased a time share in 1999 in Cabo San Lucas. I have looked through all of my documentation regarding the purchase and there is nothing that states it is binding...even though it was bought as a 29 year timeshare. My only fees are the annual maintenance fees. How binding is this type of "contract?" I only get what looks like a credit card statement annually for my maintenance fees. I would LOVE to just walk away if I can. Please advise. Thank you
    12. kristamaria
      where do i go to see response from you,the law professor..thank-you for your time,sure hope you can help with advice
    13. billybear
      I live in prince william county, va. Yesterday I purchased a motorcycle. The man has several many pending charges and said that he was unable to give me the title because he owes the courts money and because of that he cannot go to the dmv and get a copy of the title to give to me until he pays of his court fines. He has an upcomming court date and I'm pretty sure that the $700 I gave him is not going to cover his court fines. I asked him, well how are you going to be able to give me the title so that I can go to the dmv and put the title in my name, register the bike, and so on. He stated that there was a woman by his work who was able to research lost, abandoned/forfeited titles and that he would give her $300 and that she would be able to get him a copy of the title (even though the court fines have still not completely been paid off). I gues I want to know whether or not this is true and also if there is a lien on the title is there any way for me, the buyer to obtain a copy of the title to have transferred into my name without having for him to have paid off all of his outstanding court fines?
    14. imkimble
      I'm in Louisiana and I have received a judgment against a tenant that broke their lease agreement. The tenant only has a automobile and I'm not sure where she works. Can I place lease on the title for the automobile that she owns. I called motor vehicle and she does own the car that she drives. Other than that, she doesn't have anything else of value
    15. Malick13
      i live in PA and was wondering if a 17-year-old can legally move out on their own without consent from their parents if they have a steady job and steady place to live and would not be considered a runaway?
    16. natesmomma
      I live in iowa and have primary custody of my 2 year old son. My ex is supposed to have two overnight visits and one day visit with our son each week per our divorce papers. Over the past few months, he has had our son on 0 overnights and only a few day visits. Is there anything I can do? I want our son to spend time with his father yet, he doesn't seem to care to take him... What should I do? Is't he legally bound to have him, because that is what he agreed to?
    17. tradesecrets
      my mother has been in American for over 11 years and i've been here for about 10. we want to become legal American citizens. i'm in my junior year of high school and my mother is 46, she's had the same job for more than 8 years i'd say. she's never been in trouble with the law and has recently started paying taxes. she has a tax ID number. I on the other hand work in a bakery and i've worked there for almost a year, it's my first job and i'd like to become an American citizen so i can go to college.
    18. kristamaria
      i ned to know if my son can get a first offense charge, on a cocaine sale to undercover cop,he was 17 by only four months . they arrested him at home and charged him not with one sale, but let him be set up for a total of three charges...why did they not arrest him the first time? no, at 17 he is still sitting in jail, public defender , and we can not find out anything. poor judgment on his part, wanted to join the marines,,, can he still go in to military ona first offense? help with advice please. krista in georgia
    19. allerob
      Heya, 1 year ago i needed some money so i asked my ex girlfriend who was my friend then for the money, so she gave me the money and neva said that she wants the money back and now she is threatining to take me to court now if i dont pay her the money back but i said that u neva said u wanted this back because we used to give money to each other when we were together.. now i have a baby n my girlfriend and i dont want to have this black mark. please give me some nice advice. Thank You
    20. pauls
      I purchased a used veheicle and bought the extended warranty. Last March the transmission went out. I called the dealership and they said the warranty was expired. They quoted me a way to expensive quote for repair. So i had the work done some where else. As of today I have another issue and when I called the service department this time they told me that my warranty was still valid. After speaking to the service department manager and explaining to him what happened in March he said he would take the matter to his boss. Do I have a law suit pending if they do not reimburse me the cost of the transmission repair??????
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