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    1. ryan2008
      my mother has guardianship of my cosin which was ruled by a court, the court also ruled that social services had to pay my mother £47 a week. social services have now dropped this payment to like £20 a week. is there anything my mother can do about this plz help
    2. thunder5427
      Over 1 yr, ago our computer , which was being serviced was given over to local law enforcement for illegal porn. My wife has received a federal supoena and is afraid she will be coerced to give testimony against me for immunity from prosecution. This is mentally and monitarily burdening our limited household. What rite does she have on this issue ?
    3. romy1126
      I purchased a home in December, 2006 with a fence in the backyard. The previous owner included the city permits approving the fence. Now, after all this time the Home Owners Association is telling me the fence is beyond the property line and needs to be moved at my expense. Am I responsible for this expense or are they?
    4. hoyrodd24
      Hi. I wanted to know if someone had a good case against me if they chose to sue me in civil court.
      Yesterday I was in my car driving with two friends. The girl in back seat started screaming because there was a spider on the rear pass. seat. The girl next to me removed her seatbelt and started screaming and trying to kill it.
      At the same time this began the truck in front of me slammed their brakes and I has to do the same. We were only doing maybe 10mph (traffic) but the girl that was turned around facing the back seat, flew forward and the side of her head slammed against my windshield cracking it.
      I pulled over to see if she was okay but after maybe 15 minutes she became very sleepy so I rushed her to emergency room. We signed her in & waited for an hour and she pleaded w/ me to take her home because she did not want to wait. I explained that she should stay but she refused.
      I googled what to do for head injury and stayed with her until morning. Waking her up two or three times during the night and asking her questions like the websites sites suggested.

      Today her sister and mother came over her house and made her go back to hospital. Her friend, according to a mutual friend mentioned this would be a good case to sue me. so now I am worried.
    5. czymomntx
      My 18 year old step son is on prob. and in CPS custody in ohio. His dad & I live in Tx. we are tryin to get custody legally, but he keeps talkin bout running away. What am I looking at legally if he comes here.
    6. david6977
      Is it possible to dispute civic code 1946.1 as I am not finanicially able to afford a move at this time
    7. carriemelinda
      Was called a liar by my boss at work. Other employees were told not to trust me. What can I do? Was called a liar because I told a fellow supervisor that Renee was asking me why the glass had not been done. John told Martin that "Well let me ask you this are you sure Carrie is telling the truth. He is causing doubt and making others change their opinion because he is protecting someone. He never even asked her, he assumed that I was a liar.
    8. Duane
      Not sure how this site works but I have a child custody question.
    9. mjballew1949
      Oops, I had double posted this message. Sorry!
    10. mjballew1949
      My wife & I have held a month to month lease for the past year with an International commericial truck plaza company to provide massage services for professional drivers. They also own their own bank and refineries as well as over 250 plazas throughout the U.S and Canada. We began with a single location in Corning, California on June 18, 2007 but we were soon requested by the company to expand our services to Lodi, Lebec & Barstow, California. At that point I could no longer maintain my previous employment and retired to focus on our new venture. Subsequently, we were asked by the company to extend our efforts further into Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. We began purchasing equipment and hiring massage therapists. We investigated all legal & certification requirements, permits and licensing for each of these locations. We signed leases for housing the massage therapist close to each plaza.Three days before we began moving equipment to the first new site in Wyoming, on June 12, 2008 all of our leases were cancelled by the company. Our investments both personally and financially were prompted by the "actions and conduct" of their area and executive management. We invested over $50,000.00 during our first year of operations. Our first 6 months of business generated nearly $60,000.00 and our projected gross income for 2008 with the new additiional locations was $350,000.00. Can I look to Promissary Estopple or Quasi Contracts for legal relief? Any suggestions? Good lawyer in the Northern California area? Good lawyer anywhere in California? O yes, they did change their minds about closing our Lodi location after we emptied all the equipment. We have now reopened that site for the next 6 monts only.
    11. gapeach33r
      Hello, lawprofessor. I was wondering if you could help me know what to do...or if there is anything I can do? My 13yo daughter signed affidavit that she wanted to come and live with me 2 months ago. She will b 14 on Sept. 3. My attorney cannot get the judge to respond. We have had a temporary physical custody order for more than 2 years now. Judge Joe Bishop, Georgia, has yet to respond at all to our request for a hearing and/or temporary custody change until a hearing. How long can he keep ignoring us and is there anything I can do?
    12. gwlkdl
      A few months ago I requested a data block on all the phones in our plan. The following month I had more data charges so I called to request it again. They assured me that all phones would be blocked. The next month I received another bill with over $400 worth of data charges. I called again to ask why I was still being charged for services that were supposed to be blocked. The told me whomever I spoke to the first 2 times did not "make a note" of my phone call and I was responsible for all charges. I was basically told that even with the block in effect I should follow my kids around and make sure they were not connecting to the net. Should I be responsible for these charges?
    13. lele22
      I was hoping you could help me with an issue of an MIP. I received one a month before my 21st birthday and have no prior record. Given that my school is across country, I can not lose my license. Please let me know if there is any way to avoid this.
    14. Jaynel
      We need legal advice on property encroachment. We bought land. 4 acres. The neighbors have been driving through our land for years to get to the street. The only other access they have out is through property owned by others altho the land owned by others is not residential and we are. One is owned by a Citrus grower that is not used at all. Is vacant. The other is owned by a railroad but are no tracks and is not used. They have never filed any formal documents for easement/right of way for the drive they are using through our land. Can we get them to move their make-shift drive? Is just a drive because they have used it so much. They also have pitbulls who have access to our land and they say one bites.We want to fence the property in. Do we have any hopes of getting them to get the drive off our land? Can a judge order them to exit in another area? These people's land looks like a junkyard. And if we are stuck with the drive going through our property, how close can we fence to the drive? Thanks.....Jayne.....
    15. Aldous_Huxley
      I was offered a job overseas. Due to my age and age limits for the job, this is the last opportunity I will have to take this position or another one like it. It's something I've always wanted to do.

      I have a 5 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. I have them for 150 days/year. I do not have joint custody. The mother has primary custody and we share legal custody. We have a high conflict divorce and communicate through attorneys unless it involves simple matters of visitation.

      The job involves me going overseas for 1 year. I am currently paying close to half of my net income in child support. I will continue paying child support and understand that it will most likely increase as the mother's time with the kids will increase.

      Should I discuss my desire to go overseas to my ex knowing that she will block my efforts to secure employment?

      Should I make the courts aware of my desire and modify custody and support for the year overseas?

      Should I speak to my lawyer who I've come to believe has an uncomfortably close relationship with my ex's lawyer?

      How should I proceed? I do not want to lose contact/custody of my children.
      I want to pursue this opportunity and feel that it will help my career.

    16. Bllsandra4
      I have a question I'd like to know if you could help me answer. If I provide the money to purchase a vehicle for an 18 year old that is not related to me and the vehicle is registered in 18 year olds name only can I be sued if he has an accident and injures/killes anyone or himself?
    17. UNJUST
      sorry i didnt realize this was just for "hi messages" so HI.
    18. chilliortega
      Dear Law Professor,

      Please help me, I am in a bad situation. the background is: My husband was held, then released with no charges filed, on alleged sexual assult charges.

      Now the "womans" ex/child father has come over to our place of business/home 5 times in the last week wanting to question my husband. The ex wants my husband to take a lie detector test to get the truth. I feel like he puts our job in jeapordy every time he shows up. Its been a week since the alleged incident. I will not allow my husband to take a lie detector test unless the police wanted him to take one then, that would be different. I don't want to make a bad situation worse.

      How can I get the boyfriend to stop coming to our home and place of business?? If we had a lawyer wouldn't he advise us to not have contact with the other party?? Any help is GREATLY appreicated.
    19. khenley11
      I have a questions. I lived with someone and moved out last October 2007. I had a camper stored on their property that they had a friend of mine remove without my permission and he destryoed the camper (had it smashed down) I just found this out and it happened 2 weeks ago. They never notified me to come and get the camper. Do I have the right to take any legally action against the property owners and or the guy they had remove the camper from their property? This is for the State of Michigan.
    20. su5555
      I am in Texas
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