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    Executor of an Estate & Property questions

    I agree with disagreeable. You first need to know how much the house is actually worth in today's market. There may well be more owed than the house is worth. If that is the situation and there are no other assets in the estate, then letting them foreclose may be your best option. You could...
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    can I move out of state if I have Joint custody?

    Unless your custody states that you have to have court approval, you can move by simply notifying the other party. They then have the option of going to court. If they have agreed, then there is no problem. However, child custody is always modifiable.
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    Types of Traffic Ticket

    He's a spammer Carl.
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    Traffic Ticket from 3 years ago in Florida

    You can call the court and request a date.
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    Child Custody

    And you liked him enough to have a baby by him? Courts don't like to terminate parental rights but you may have a good case. You will need to hire an attorney and he will probably want around 1500 if it is uncontested.
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    What are my rights?

    It depends. You really need to talk to an attorney. If you can't afford one, check free legal services in your area. There are too many variables. If you paid half the mortgage and can prove it, then you have an equitable interest in the house. I would recommend getting a CS order.
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    Quieting a Title

    2500 should have taken care of everything. They need to see what they signed as a retainer agreement and then they may want to file a complaint witht he state bar. However, there may be much more to the story.
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    Out of State Subpeona

    You cannot be compelled to go to Missouri but it may be in your best interest. We know nothing of the situation. You should be consulting with your own attorney.
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    Well dry after county builds reservoir

    Sorry but I see no connection between your well and a reservoir two miles away.
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    obligations of administrator

    The personal representative is entitled to compensation, the maximum is set by state law. The amount will be listed in the final accounting. Ask a specific question. Murdering the decedent would be one example.
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    Seller and Buyer Is Same Person

    How big of a problem depends on your siblings. You cannot use a POA for your own purposes.
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    Engagement ring

    You probably need to go to court to get a TRO to prevent her from selling it, assuming you have the right to get it back.
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    Out of Sate move - 6 months residency?

    Are there any court orders in place?
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    Speeding ticket with incorrect vehicle information listed

    The deferment in TX is normal. That is the way the courts there do business.
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    Corporate Law What is My half worth?

    It depends on the type of LLC and the operating agreement.