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    Cell phone use and medical emergencies

    Some employees have been abusing their cell phones during business hours and now a memo has been issued stating that they are not allowed to have them out/sitting on their desk while at work. We have an employee who has an elderly parent in Hospice, as well as one other serious medical illness...
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    Discipline for absence related to court subpeona

    Thank you for your responses, just to clarify. We are on a calendar year. She had 3 weeks of paid time available as of January 1st which she had used prior to the end of June. she already used at least 1 day over her allotted time, this would be her second day over her allotted time. It...
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    Discipline for absence related to court subpeona

    We have an employee who was witness to a crime and has been called to testify in court. They have used up all paid leave time for this year. This is not covered under our Jury duty policy. In addition to taking an unpaid day off the person in question is being written up for an unexcused...
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    Suspension for Fmla related absensces

    Recently I have noticed that our new HR regime has been issuing suspensions for Employee's when the have used more than there allowed PTO for the year. This has been extended to employees that are on intermittant FMLA. One employee quit over this and another one went straight to her boss's...