In 2014,My wife and I went to Mexico,We were talked into going to a presentation with Royal Holiday, After a pressure sales presentation for 6 hours we purchased a membership. They promised a lot of things but they were empty promises and there were many lies.

We realized we had made a mistake and we tried canceling the contract within the 5 day grace period but they made it impossible to cancel. We began researching our options to
cancel the contract .While we were searching on internet a solution, we found several bad reviews about Royal Holidays and we found that we bought into a Timeshare which was basically
worthless.We contacted several US attorneys but they told us that they could do nothing for us. So we start to get flustered.

We really had no idea how we were going to get out of this mess. Looking to rid ourselvesof it we found Mexican Timeshare Solution to be the only company that didn't charge an upfront fee.We then contacted them and received counsel.They are exactly what they say they are, and they got the cancellation of our contract. They restored my faith in Mexican culture and the most important thing, we learn the lesson "STAY AWAY FROM ROYAL HOLIDAY !!!"
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