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Newly enacted Local Law 126 of New York City includes a virtually unknown section requiring a conspicuous, costly, outdated LCD display to be installed in every elevator - that will likely never...
This article summarizes some of the most common snow shoveling and ice removal laws, regulations and resources so you can be prepared for the winter season.
Have you been injured at work? Are you worried about your lost wages and treatment cost? Then rejoice, for the constitution of the United States of America guarantees you the unalienable right of...
While many New York City residents believe they have 24 hours for snow removal, they have less and likely only 4 hours. Don't make assumptions about reasonableness as the New York City Department...
Shoplifting charges can result in fines as high as $750,000 or a jail time of a maximum of 24 years. In all the complex legal procedures, the rights of the accused person might go unnoticed, leave...
It is very important to read and understand contract clauses before signing a health club, gym or martial arts school membership agreement. Learn how to identify and appreciate the nature of what...

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    A new challenger for New York City Council District 29 may bring new hope of greater responsiveness for addressing the City's notoriously stringent and costly Local Law 11, as well as other...
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    Candidate for New York City Council, Donghui Zang, shares his thoughts on controversial borough based jails being inserted into residential areas.About - Department of Correction
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    For adopting the quick procedure, here both parties will be required to utilize the alternate dispute resolution services that will help them settle their disputes in a most easy manner.
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    Donald Trump's questioning a California federal court judge's impartiality as a result of his Hispanic heritage has drawn harsh criticism from the legal community.
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    Gawker Media filed for federal bankruptcy protection and may avoid payment of a $140 million jury verdict to Hulk Hogan.
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    Renowned pop music singer, Ed Sheeran, was hit with a $20 million copyright infringement lawsuit. Legitimate claim or copyright trolling?

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