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Starting a private membership only club

Discussion in 'Business & Corporate Matters' started by Johnny Lott Rafols, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Johnny Lott Rafols

    Johnny Lott Rafols Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I want to start a private foosball training center/tournament club in the city of San Diego. What laws apply as I want to do it a low key as possible???

    thank you?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You might start your quest by investigating any city and/or county ordinances for establishing such facilities.

    You'll need to know if city or county licensing is required.

    You'll also need to know about health and safety laws that must be obeyed.

    You'll need to understand and adhere to local zoning regulations, too.

    You'll also have to determine if state licensing is required, and what state laws apply in regard to the activities involved.

    If children are to use the facility, you'll need to know what (if any) background checks must be passed and by whom.

    You might wish to retain the services of a local attorney, before you become too deeply entangled in any business enterprise.

    Your state is one of the most burdensome upon businesses, so make sure you know what you face before you begin.

    That means you should retain professional service before embarking too far along on this journey.

    A respected insurance agent or broker might be able to offer you insights about what insurance limits you should carry, as well as assistance on regulatory matters.
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  3. zddoodah

    zddoodah Well-Known Member

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    Absent more information, there's no reason to believe any laws would be applicable to your "training center"/"club." I'm curious, though, why you would want to be "low key." What exactly are you planning on doing in this "training center"/"club"?

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