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POA Health and Finance...odd story pls help

Discussion in 'Power of Attorney & Living Wills' started by doctorwho737, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. doctorwho737

    doctorwho737 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Hello, first of all thanks for having this resource and for helping, please excuse typos as I'm on mobile.

    I have lived with my elderly father for around seven years and cannot work enough to support myself (leg issues/pain/applied for disability and was denied multiple times imcluding a hearing).

    About a month ago he started seeing things and being as he is would not go in...I do work part time at a crap job and one day while at work he called 911 went to hospital.

    They had him a few days he had an incident there but they blamed it on salt and a bllid pressure issue with a order to find a new GP, and a psych doc/Therapist.

    He was home only two days when it got bad again, and we talked and he agreed to go back, this time to psych ward.

    He was there then were going to release but he had an episode and is there now....here comes my questions.

    I asked about a POA and they said they do it there but not in his condition and asked how to pay for long term care.

    Has Medicare through some other party and his social security check. Thing is, if I use the check, I make myself homeless and with my health its not a good thing.

    Anyway I could get both forms of POA, and if he cannot get home have him placed somewhere where its through soneone else payment wise so I can still pay the rent on his place until I figure things out and then use the money to place him in a better facility?

    Also what steps to take to get the POA in Illinois with his agreement or with him sick as he is?

    PS: I know that query might make me look bad but my health is shot, being without a home...I don't know, it would not end well.

    Plus they said to call planner Monday not even sure ill get the next check tp pay off Sept, maybe homeless in a little over a week, esp as im not on the lease.

    I also love my dad and want the best for him, my plan to once solvent put him in a better place is no joke.

    Sorry for ramble veey libg day/month, thanks to all who read and comment in advance.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    I suggest you start looking for help from social services, advocacy groups for families with relative who suffer from mental illness, etc.

    As far as using money belonging to other people, even your adult son, that will only lead to more trouble in your life.

    You might investigate starting a www.gofundme.com fund raising account.

    You aren't responsible for the debts of your adult children.

    Your adult children aren't responsible for your debts.

    I wish you and your family the best.

    God bless.

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