Owner forced to pay rent in cash

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Dear Alls,
I m tenant in commercial shop with duly agreement.
For last 8 yrs I m paying my rent through cheque.
Now,the owner refusing to accept cheque but demanding cash
What should I do?
Despite the unfortunate list of everywhere on the planet, this site is for US law.

Besides, according to the UN there are 48 countries in Asia. Each likely has its own set of laws regarding landlord/tenant relations.

Look for more localized assistance.
I suggest you seek out advice from a legal expert in whatever Asian nation you reside. The laws of Asian nations vary considerably and it matters very much in which country your shop is located. It may even matter in what political subdivision of the country your shop is located. In many nations the exact terms of the agreement will matter, too, and hopefully that agreement is in writing. Relying on memories from 8 years ago is not very helpful to any court in resolving the matter.

But before you dive into the legality of it, let's consider the practical side of things. Ask yourself: how difficult it would be to meet the landlord's demand? If it would not be difficult, and assuming the landlord will give you a written reciept to verify the rent paid, you might find it simply easier, less expensive, and less conflict with the landlord to pay in cash than to get into a legal contest over the issue. That's your call of course. If you decide you want to go the legal contest route, then your first stop should be the legal expert I mentioned before.
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