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Not told the truth

Discussion in 'Adoption' started by lemondoor123, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. lemondoor123

    lemondoor123 Law Topic Starter New Member

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    We adopted an 18 year old high functioning autistic boy last year to protect him from his biological family taking them into their home and taking any disability money
    he make get is his case is proven to warrant that he qualifies for disability. Which could be 2 years from now with the courts backed up. When we adopted Logan
    his Case manager said nothing would change. Well the money we were getting dropped from $700 a week to $400 a week because the State says you can only work with your child/adult 40 hrs. a week for the pay from a agency such as "Help at Home. My question is can we reverse the adoption and let Logan keep our last name because we love Logan though we have only known him for about a 15 mths! And we would get P.O.A. to help him make his decisions. If we did this we would not be related and could go back to working more hours with Logan on Residential Habilitation. My husband was working 30 hrs. I was working 40 hrs. and right now he has No money coming in and he is in college. so we support Logan but feel the adoption is hurting Logan because with the extra money we were able to take Logan places, but no one gave us the right answer when we asked will anything change if we adopt. Thanks for your help..God Bless
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You can't adopt adults.
    Do you mean he was a minor when you adopted him?
    Or, did you mean you are his legal guardians?

    If you're simply legal guardians, you go to court and ask to no longer be his legal guardian.
    That's easy.

    If you adopted him as a minor, he's now an adult.
    You have no legal obligation to do anything for another adult, unless you are his guardian.

    Whatever you are, I suggest you let the adult go.
    The money was and never will be worth it.

    People who do what you describe do it out of love, care, concern, not for a few pieces of silver.

    Good luck.

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