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Need help with an appeal...

Discussion in 'Alternative Dispute Resolution' started by PhxGuy623, May 16, 2006.

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  1. PhxGuy623

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    I am sorry for the long post but really need help...

    My fiancé has was summoned for two credit cards that were past the SOL for Open Accounts in Arizona (3 years). We provided answers to both summons and stated the accounts are hers, but they are past the SOL.

    On Friday we get a notice stating the judge had granted a Summary Judgment to the plaintiff on case "A". So we then look up the case "B" and it shows the judge(different judge same courthouse) had denied the plaintiffs request for Summary judgment due to the SOL defense????

    Both of the cards charged off about the same time and no payments have been made since this time.

    1) I am curious if we can fight this since the same court house has given two different ruling to the same type of case. What documents would I use to fight this?

    2) We never got notice that the plaintiff had requested a summary judgment. Is that legal? Is that also grounds for an appeal.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

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