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Lynn Oakley

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I'm seeking advice and guidance from English speakers outside of Spain who have no ties to this country. I'd try to explain my case concisely.

I've been dealing with some serious persecution and harassment issues since I move out of the house where I was living with a family. Due to a disagreement over my colleges preferences they set me up, stole all the money from my bank account and sue me over false claims that no judge care to investigate or clear. I was 18 at that moment. I could have rent something instead of being through all the difficulties I had to face because of that. Since then I try to seek help and contact people to get out of this country but everytime I did something to improve my situation like find o job, start a course, save money to get out of Spain or even distance myself from harmful and poisonous environments and people I continue to face false claims and police reports that threaten my freedom.

I want to emphasize that I've never had drug or alcohol abuse problems or a history of mental illness. I'll skip many other serious incidents that happened between 2013 and 2018.

In 2019, I moved to a new place with plans to obtain a car ID, find a new job, save money, and leave the country. However, the owner of my new home repeatedly entered without permission, leading to police involvement. Despite my lawful behavior, eight police officers forcibly entered my home. They took blood samples and made comments about my political preferences before taking me to a mental hospital by force. I had no political affiliations or social media presence related to politics. Iwasn't doing anything that could possibly motivate a violation of the private space by force. I was going through a though situation trying to get out like I did over +10 years but I have always been a stable person after all the unjustified attacks I receive over the years. I just accepted the situation and move on with my life again and again.
A year later of this incident I receive a judge order from the council of the town where I was living to lock me up in a mental institution again. The letter claim that I had this and that mental sickness and I couldn't have a life on my own so I needed to be under severe medication and under adult supervision.I live on my own since I was 16, the first time that family kick me out of the home for no reason and then apologize and beg me to come back since I definitely left them in 2013 and cutt of any contact with them. I try to find courses to educate myself I live in homeless shelters and i work to sustain myself all this time despite of the unjustified attacks. The lawyer I paid back then to get me out of the situation told me not to sue the police or the medical institution. Wasna solid case still is and I'm right but no one bother to investigate or do something about it so I move on.

Now living elsewhere, I still receive false police claims from the town I left. They even seized an emergency budget I received from the government. When I tried to seek justice by suing the town council, no one took action. Recently, while renewing my ID, a police officer came to me to tell me I have an order that I have to take over a claim about a scam from the town I left. They threaten me with locking me up in jail when I refuse to talk.

I would like to talk to someone to explain the full case so I can distance myself once and for all from these people. I obviously don't trust anyone from the justice system here, and it's a waste of time trying to do anything in this country considering the circumstances.

What should be the best thing to do considering the government and institution role in this situation over +10 years? With whom should I contact to explain this case? Is the protection or asylum seeking a legit option?
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