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Forgery And Fraud In Ohio Fraud, Embezzlement, Bad Checks

Discussion in 'Criminal Charges' started by Crystalday, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Crystalday

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    In 2007 I discovered that my middle sister had gone to court in 2002 and gained guardianship of my niece ( our youngest sister died of breast cancer in 1998 and our mother the grandmother had guardianship of our niece until she died in 2006).

    We were all under the impression that our mother still had guardianship of the niece at the time of her death in 2006. We were lead to believe that the middle sister had power-of-attorney only. Our niece always lived with our mother until her death in 2006.

    When I checked the court records in 2007 I found a waiver of notice of hearing document showing where my sister had forged my name and my brother's name on the document and submitted into the hearing records thereby falsely stating that we waived appearance. In fact, nothing could be further from truth. We never got the notice. We did not know that my sister had obtained guardianship of our niece and her estate.

    My niece wants to live with me. I believe that my sister kept this a secret because everyone knows that she is abusive and that our younger sister did not want her to have her.

    I did get an attorney, in fact, I had to get two attorneys. Because my sister committed two other crimes against the family after my mother died.

    My money is really really low. I have already spent out close to $20,000 dealing with two other cases relating to fraudulent actions that this sister has committed relative to my brother's estate and my mother's estate. In the one case the sister was removed as administrator of our mother's estate. She was attempting to forge insurance policies and were not going to give them to us. Nor would she give us a copy of our mother's Will. We had to get an attorney to get it for us. When we got the attorney we learned that just two days before our mother died, our sister forged the deed to the house and had the house put in her name.

    In the second case my sister returned the $7,000.00 that she took out of my brother's account. She also had power of attorney over this handicapped brother but became upset with him. She and the bank signed off on a deposit slip saying the brother was dead. Our attorney had power of attorney revoked and my brother got the money back. He charged very little and we settled just outside of court. However, he did not and does not deal with guardianship issues.

    The problem is that I am getting no where with the forgery and fraud claims relative to my niece. What am I doing wrong. I had an attorney help me pro bono with the guardianship issue but he had we start with the visitation rights in Juvenile Court. I am concerned about the statue of limitations issue on the forgery and fraud against the court issues. He did nothing with the evidence or forgery and fraud against the court claims. It was my thinking that this was enough evidence to open the case so that I could at least pursue co-guardianship. What can I do now?

    I have to file bankruptcy and I have suffered a lot of emotional pain at the loss of my relationship with my niece and have gotten sick driving back and forth. I forgot to mention, I live approximately 150 miles away from the rest of my family. Can I file anything in criminal or civil court to seek reimbursement of these funds. I begged my sister to work with me to settle these issues outside of court but she would not, even though she knew she had committed these crimes. Obviously she knew that the courts would do nothing. Or is this happening like this because I don't have enough money to pay the attorney's a lot more.

    Why did he not do anything about the forgery and fraud as when my sister obtained guardianship of my niece she also obtained guardianship of her estate of $60,000.

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