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Forced to move out after 2 days! Cleaning, Repairs

Discussion in 'Commercial Landlord & Tenant Issues' started by sydneywood, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. sydneywood

    sydneywood Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Starting in July of this year, my girlfriend and I started renting a house in a harsh neighborhood. The first day we were so excited we moved all of our stuff in and got all set up. Every belonging we owned was in that house. The first night we had some issues with cockroaches, centipedes and mice, but it was nothing that couldn't be fixed using a few bug bombs. The second morning while watching T.V. we saw a small round bug crawling up the wall in browed daylight. My girlfriend told me it looked like a bug that she had had at her house she grew up in as a kid but they didn't come out during the day so I thought nothing of it. After the second night and a little research, we found the worst problem in the house BED BUGS! I'm not talking about one or two bed bugs, finding them under our pillows, in out mattress, in books, etc. AND WE HAD ONLY BEEN THERE 2 DAYS.
    After telling the company about the issues, they refunded our safety deposit to us, and let us out of the lease. We agreed that our belongings would stay in the house until the treatments were done on the house to insure our stuff was safe to move out. An exterminator came out the next week, we explained to him that we were leery about trusting the company to actually treat the house. The exterminator gave us a packet explaining the condition the house had to be in when they came to treat it and the steps on how they were treating the property. For example, The packet mentioned that closets had to be empty and all belongings had to be sealed in plastic bags. It also stated that the company would supply mattress covers to all of their clients mattresses and box springs and that there would be no exceptions.

    Fast forward a week later, a worker from the company is facebook messaging us to let us know that the first couple treatments have been done and that the full treatment would be done soon. Mind you, the worker had not contacted us before to let us know that a treatment was even scheduled so we could prep the house. We asked the worker how that could be, in which she didn't respond. We then physically went to the house and no covers were put on any of our beds and we found living bedbugs!

    A week later, we are fed up with the company. No one had let us know anything since those last messages and we were tired of dealing with them. To be completely honest, we just wanted out stuff. We reached out to the worker who had contacted us on facebook and told her we would be out in 2 weeks, to which she replied "sounds good."

    A week later we show up to the house to get all out stuff and a "For Rent" sign is in the front yard and the locks had been changed. The threw away all our belongings in the house and never treated the house once. I actually physically called the company they claimed to be using who said that the only time any money had been charged to that address was the first initial trip when we had met with the exterminator ourselves.

    I want these people to pay for what they have done. I lost $10,000 worth of stuff including T.V's, photos, legal documents, furniture, deceased relatives belongs, etc. I also suffered bed bug bites throughout my whole right side of my body and my girlfriend on her left leg.

    How much money could I possibly sue these people for???
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    The maximum judgment allowed in small claims court in Illinois is $10,000.00 plus costs; therefore, your claim may not exceed $10,000.00.

    Google, Bing, Yahoo, or whatever search engine you use "Small claims process for MY COUNTY, IL"

    The rest will be revealed before your very eyes.
  3. mightymoose

    mightymoose Moderator

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    It sounds like you are dealing with a shady landlord who may not have liquid assets to pay you back. You may be in a real jam.
    Rather than small claims you might talk with a civil attorney or two. Depending on the landlord's assets it may be better to pursue it in civil court.... This is assuming you can prove the value of your loss is in excess of the small claims max.
    You seem to have a good argument to make. Good luck with it.

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