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    Irrevocable Trust Fund (no access) & Bankruptcy

    My only income is social security and a monthly distribution from an irrevocable trust fund that is set up to be managed by my brother in such a manner that the funds therein a inaccessible to me under any condition so long as he lives to manage it. His duty is simply to distribute a limited...
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    Is Legal Counsel Mandatory for Beneficiary Acquiring House in Trust?

    I was beneficiary of my mother’s Trust which had an amendment that stated that any one of her children would have the opportunity to acquire the house. When she passed, the Trustee retained an attorney (who turned out to be crooked - I am in litigation to this day, almost 9 years later)...
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    Theft of trust cash

    My brothers through my father raided my parents cash trust assets. The only asset left is the house. I thought I should receive what they were given through the embezzlement as a percentage of the value of the house Two questions Is this fair? Since the estate was supposed to be divided...
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    How to manage bank trust account if Grantor becomes incapacitated?

    My last living, elderly parent has a living trust and has set up trust accounts at several financial institutions, including a bank and investment/brokerage firms. My parent is a resident of Florida. The bank/brokerage accounts have the parent as Grantor and the only active Trustee. I am...
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    QIT trust

    My husband is in a nursing facility The facility had there lawyer make up a QIT trust to set up at my bank.His only income is SS@1552.90 and his AIDS& Attendance @ 2642.00 My income is SS@547.90..In the QIT is only his income. My question is who sets up What I(the Spouse ) will be taking out of...
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    Trust & Probate Question

    First of all, yes, we have an attorney and he has done quite a lot of work, but I have not been able to find an answer to what I feel should be a simple question: Does the Successor Trustee of a Revocable Living Trust have the right to be informed of the status of financial accounts that had to...
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    Almost 10 Years After Death, Trust is Still Not Settled

    Don't think that a Trust will guarantee smooth sailing of asset distribution upon death... Mom had an irrevocable trust drawn up with her home (our childhood home) as the only asset. There were no debts. The beneficiaries were/are her two children with the eldest as the Trustee. She passed in...
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    Ready to distribute financial account assets in mother's trust - Do I need a lawyer?

    My mother passed away recently. All of her financial assets were titled in the name of her living trust when she passed. There are financial accounts at several financial institutions that hold stocks, bonds and cash equivalents. This would not be a final distribution as there is also some...
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    Trust administration

    ( Calif)My sibs and myself will inherit property and some bank accounts. We have 1 sibling that we would like to exclude from receiving anything. What do we have to do to see that happen?
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    Trust Distribution

    Hi, My mother had an uncle and she is a beneficiary of his trust. There is a distribution for my mother from this trust but my mother has passed away. Edward Jones who holds the trust has said in order for the distribution to be received, an estate needs to be setup. My father has his own...
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    Naming Beneficiary for Proceeds from Unsettled Trust Litigation

    Currently in ridiculous Trust litigation due to objections to Trust Accounting. Death occurred in 2015, and I sought legal counsel in 2019 after no response from estate Trust attorney. Litigation still ongoing... I’m not going to live forever, so can someone enlighten me as to how these...
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    Easement enforcement against property held in Irrevocable trust

    I own a property in New York state that was granted a right of way easement (written) by an adjoining property, in exchange for the adjoining property granting the easement my property granted an easement to allow the adjoining property to run a drainage pipe ( below surface) through my property...
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    Will or Trust for guardianship of our kids

    My wife and I have been discussing in case something happens to us, who would get custody/guardianship of our kids. Should we create a Will or Trust, and what type for each one. We also want to make sure our assets ($) are protected for our kids future (college, weddings, and future expenses)...
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    Trust Will for Estate/Finance and Probate Law in PA

    My Grandpa is end of life cancer. He and my maternal Grandma has 8 living kids. My Grandma past away decades ago and he remarried to step-grandma who has kids of her own, of which do not participate in Grandpa's life. Grandpa wrote a will to divide assets of the house: 50% to step-Grandma and...
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    Details of trust administration needed

    Background: I have a revocable living trust, and my wife just died. Our trust document is very comprehensive in describing what needs to be done now to create four sub-trusts for beneficiaries, and funding them, including one which is Special Needs. What it does not tell me (trustmaker trustee)...
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    Convoluted Sell of parent's house which is in MAPT

    Hi, We are trustees of Medicaid Asset Protection Trust created for out mother more than 5 years ago. She will be moving into an apartment built as an addition to my sister's home. We have used money from our mother's assets outside the trust to make a down payment, and for the final payment, we...
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    Petition to Compel Accounting

    I have two brothers and my mother who are located in Sonoma County (Santa Rosa, CA) and I live in San Diego County. My older brother has power of attorney and is the Successor Trustee since my dad passed away and my mother is incapacitated due to Alzheimer's. My mom was moved to a memory care...