termination of employment

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    Employer Terminated Employment due to Medical Condition

    I have a chronic skin condition ( HS - Hidradenitis suppurativa) in which when I have flare ups it is almost debilitating, but my whole life I have managed to make it work and have found ways to work with it. I was hired by this company and in the preliminary paperwork, (just in case) I...
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    Can an employer backdate your termination?

    on March 17th 2022 my employer contacted me via phone call and 3 way called my union representative to inform me I was terminated. However, they made the effective date March 2, 2022. I went to the doctor twice after the 2nd but before the 17th and my insurance says they backdated my medical...
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    Anxiety and Depression in the workplace

    So some background. I was diagnosed with depression when I was 15 and I have been on and off meds since then. 12 years. I am 27. I have lost 1 job and left 2 due to depression. The job I lost, I was fired due to absenteeism.I had bad post partum after I stopped breastfeeding and my doctor put me...
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    Do I have a leg to stand on?

    So I was terminated after being put on 2 weeks suspension. This is the exact language used “the investigation returned that there is a perception of you being in an inappropriate relationship with an associate. This behavior is not fitting for a senior manager of the organization. For that read...
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    Letter of termination of contract

    I am signed to a 1 year (24 project) legal contract. I am a exclusive brand model/spokesperson who was hired to be the model and face of a particular brand. I can not work outside of the contract. After 3 months (6 projects) the company I am signed with stopped providing me with work possibly...
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    What are the next steps to take in this potential wrongful termination?

    This is in Killeen, TX. NIght of the incident. I worked for fast food pizza place. I noticed a new homeless person hanging around the dumpsters we use after closing time. This is done by some people for 'free food' from employees that would have gotten thrown anyway. This person was hanging...
  7. Tweets, Social Media Posts and Your Employment Rights

    Hiring, Firing, HR Tweets, Social Media Posts and Your Employment Rights

    This article discusses whether you can be fired for your posts on a blog or social network such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or Linked In. While you may have your own blog, a Facebook or MySpace page, a Twitter account or a membership on another social network, you are ultimately responsible...