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    Computer Fraud and Abuse Act implications for web scraping

    I'm looking for help interpreting cases regarding the implications of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, relating to web scraping. There are two cases in particular that I would like to contrast: HiQ Labs, Inc. v. LinkedIn Corporation and Ticketmaster LLC v. RMG Technologies, Inc.. I am basically...
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    Reposting Job Listings On My Job Board

    Hi, I am looking to start a job board for fun. Is it legal to repost job listings from indeed or linkedin or any other job posting sites? My site would change users to post their jobs at the start or eventually once I gain traffic to the site. If I am not allowed to repost, would I be allowed...
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    Scraping Data From Amazon

    Hello all. I would like to understand if selling information scrapped from websites like amazon is illegal? Here's the situation: I'm planning to subscribe to the amazon API service and purchase this data. Then, analyze the data and mine it, turn it around and sell it as a service to other...
  4. LinkedIn Sues Unknown Hackers for Scraping Data

    News LinkedIn Sues Unknown Hackers for Scraping Data

    LinkedIn, one of the world's largest professional networking sites, filed suit against unknown hackers who registered thousands of phony accounts in order to harvest valuable member data. The complaint, filed in federal court in the Northern District of California, was the first step the company...