revocation of probation

  1. Flavius


    Have pending meeting with probation officer for under paying monthly restitution payments (25-$50) instead of court ordered 500 per mo (reduced from 600 per mo). Court determined monthy resti payments based on lie from govt that I received 2500 per mo V.A. disability, and 1000 per mo SSS...
  2. W

    Help with unjustified absconding revocation

    I am in great need of help for my fiance! He was recently arrested on a blue warrant for absconding. The warrant was issued less than a week after the offices that he reported to were shut down due to the covid-19 outbreak. He went to the offices and found them closed & immediately contacted...
  3. Criminal Sentencing: Probation & Community Service Facts

    Sentencing Criminal Sentencing: Probation & Community Service Facts

    This article explains the process of sentencing in criminal court, the differences between parole and probation and how to handle revocation of probation and hearings. Pre-Sentence Report or Probation Report After a conviction of or guilty plea of a defendant,a report will be prepared for the...