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    Can a parent sell a phone you bought with your money (I'm a minor)?

    There are many forums saying that they are legally allowed to and many forums that say they are not legally allowed to. In the state of California, is it legal for a parent to take my phone (or any possession I have legally obtained) that I bought with my own money? I understand the basic sense...
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    Joint ownership

    My mother has a survivorship that was set up through probate court ( she is 81 and has dementia) Her house was switched into my name along with my half siblings many years ago. We have 3 names on it now. I was just wondering if there is any importance in how the names are on the deed? My name...
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    Home Ownership Confusion

    Hello, Thank you for assisting me. I have a friend who was given the home that she lives in by her husband who passed away in 2008. He changed his will from giving the home to his daughter to giving it to his second wife (my friend). My friend never had the wil probated and now she is wondering...
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    Dispute over contract interpretation. What's your take?

    Here's a copy (AGREEMENT THIS AGREEMENT is entered into this ____ day of _______________, 2 - Pastebin.com) of a real estate purchase agreement recently signed by two parties (names and details have been changed for privacy). A difference of interpretation has come up between both parties, and I...
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    Is quick claim deed best vehicle to transfer real estate ownership

    The Lord sadly took my wife of 54 years home with him last year.She was sole owner of a small home and after the will and probate it is now in my name. I want to turn around and get it in one of our sons name. is the quick claim deed the quickest, cheapest, easiest way to handle legally? Can...
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    Husband sadly died and his daughters might want to take ownership of the house we both bought

    Hello and thanks for your help. Let me give some context. I arrived at United States some years ago and married my beloved husband who already had two daughters in his previous marriage. We bought a house but since I was new in United States I did not have enough credit build up. Having...
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    I have ownership of motorcycle but ex-boyfriend will not return it

    I recently bought a new 2022 motorcycle and ex-boyfriends has been in possession of it. I’ve been trying to retrieve it from him but he will not return it. Can i report it stolen? or because of the fact that i loaned h to him, will that be an issue?
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    Tenants claiming ownership

    I’ve owned a rental home for 9 years, the tenants claim I was supposed to give them the house after a period of time, now I need to evict them so they are threatening to sue me claiming I promised them the house. Is there any way that could happen? I know we live in a crazy state but this sounds...
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    Baby Mama holds car hostage with TPO

    Ok... So I'll try to ask this question as simply as possible after a little back story. My child's mother (baby mama) has been doing her best to get me in trouble and make me look bad for a child custody battle. I was arrested in September of 2021 for domestic violence and took a plea deal. In...