new mexico

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    Dollar General bad customer service

    Hello I was just in a dollar general store, I was treated very rudely by a manager there, im a regular customer there and this is the first time I was treated this way. She yelled at me at 9:44 pm that I had 4 minutes to leave the store, but the store sign said closes at 10pm. I was yelled at...
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    How to handle mineral rights in prior person's name that were never re-titled to decedent?

    I'm helping with a probate which has some mineral rights that the decedent owns but are not in her name. They are still in her ex-husband's name (deceased). She was granted the mineral rights in the divorce settlement agreement, but some of the rights were never transferred to her name. So...
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    Speeding ticket contention

    Today I was in a car accident while trying to swerve away from a deer, my tire caught an icy patch and I ended up on the sidewalk and ran into a county sign. The cops arrived due to a bystander calling them. The speed limit in the area is 25, I told the cop I was going 25-30 which was true...
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    My ex-husband was accused of shoplifting at Walmart. The case was dropped but he is paranoid he will still be in the Walmart/retail database of shoplifters. Will he? If so how does he get removed since no charges were filed?