1. Scarter180

    Form and file new SaaS LLC - Questions

    I want to form and file a new LLC that is an online-only SaaS business. 1. Would it be legally feasible to file a simple LLC through Delaware, Wyoming, or Nevada instead of Minnesota where I live and operate from my computer? 2. Would it be necessarily more simplified and streamlined to form and...
  2. D

    Sole Creditor on LLC Bankruptcy

    Hi All! I've bolded the most important bits, since I don't know how to write concisely. I handle collections for a very small financing company (~20-30 active accounts, $750k-$1m total receivables at any given time). I have one debtor in collections that never showed up for the initial...
  3. S

    Scammed by a close friend out of $10k+, possible to get any of the money back?

    My boyfriend was scammed by someone who was a close friend of ours and we would greatly appreciate advice on if we can recover any of the money or if it is worth taking him to court. For some background, I was close friends with this person for 10 years and my boyfriend was for 7. Over the past...
  4. A

    LLC for a Content Creator

    I am a content creator and I publish content on YouTube, TikTok and the likes. I have four concerns regarding liability: 1. Sometimes I use content that I do not have the rights for. For example, I would download a clip from CNN and post it on my channel. Will an LLC protect my personal assets...
  5. E

    Statutory merge from llc to c corp. Converting previously granted equity into vesting equity

    Hi all, I am currently building a product with two co-founders and operating as an LLC. We have a basic founders agreement between us that granted equity without a vesting schedule. We have all agreed to convert/merge the LLC into a new C corp and that any granted equity will be changed into...
  6. NY2ME

    Establishing an LLC in Maine for several types of income streams

    Hello everyone, and Happy 2023 to all! I have some questions about establishing an LLC in the state of Maine. I would want the LLC to cover several different income streams I have started to develop. Some of these I have done for many years as a hobby, while the rest are fairly new endeavors...